Facebook now allows us to see all the ads published by the pages (even those for which we are not in target). See all the Facebook Ads of each page

See ADS published by Facebook pages

Great news came from Facebook.  Finally, you can see all the advertisements published on the pages, even those for which we are not in target.

Facebook updates its interface and introduces a button that allows us to see all the advertisements in active on a page, even if they are not specifically aimed as a user.

A function from my point of view very useful, which not only makes the social network much more transparent to users, but also allows you to understand what strategy they are adopting competitors in advertising, at least for Facebook. 

Let’s get to know in detail this new feature of Facebook.

It is possible to see ads and ADS published on Facebook from the pages

As anticipated, Facebook today released a new tool that allows users to see which advertisements are published by a page, regardless of whether all of these advertisements are targeted to that particular user.

As anticipated, this is a feature introduced by the social network to offer users greater transparency on how marketers use their platform.

Specifically, these are the new features introduced:

  • View active ads: You can now view ads that a Public Page on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and the Facebook partner network, even if those ads are not shown to each specific user.
    • Simply log in to the social network in blue,
    • visit any page and select “Info and announcements”  from the left hand column.
    • In this way you will have the opportunity to view the ad’s creative and copy, possibly reporting anything suspicious with a click on “Report ad”;
  • Other information on the page: it is possible to know more about the Pages, even if they do not publish advertising. For example, a user can see what recent changes have been implemented by administrators and the date a page was created. More information will still be available in the coming weeks.

The Facebook release

According to the company led by Mark Zuckerberg, these innovations aim to “increase transparency and accountability, as well as preventing electoral interference”.

The vast majority of ads on Facebook are managed by legitimate organizations, whether it’s a small business looking for new customers, an awareness group raising funds for their cause or a politician looking for an office. But we have seen that even bad actors can abuse our products. These steps are just the beginning: we are always looking for other ways to improve.

By placing a beacon on all the Facebook Ads in circulation, as well as on the Pages that run them, the team hopes it will be easier to eradicate the abuse, helping to ensure that the bad guys are held accountable for the published ads.

Facebook brings more transparency on pages and advertisements: what do you think?

Have you already tried this new Facebook feature? What do you think about it? Do you consider it useful or not?

Let us know in the comments at the end of the article!


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