Sending anonymous emails is a more and more requested service and people are looking for safe ways to communicate with each other without revealing their identity, which is why we thought it useful to show some ways to send emails without the recipient being able to know who sent them. Sending anonymous emails without being recognized as sender means that the IP address of your computer and all personal data will be completely obscured.

The solutions we offer are different, but all free, and to do so, simply use your browser without any other software. Below I will show you the best websites through which you can send anonymous emails. The following sites have within them the appropriate services to quickly send anonymous emails, directly online, without installing any software on your computer.


Sites to send anonymous emails

To point out that these methods are exposed not to be used as spam, but only for legal and privacy use.


The Anonymous site is an anonymous suite. Mainly the site allows you to send e-mail messages while keeping your e-mail address obscured and also all the information concerning the identity or personal information. Anonymous protects your privacy, your data for free. But it also includes other services as we see below.

AnonEmail: With AnonEmail you can send e-mail without revealing your e-mail address or
any information about your identity. So you can communicate more freely.

AnonWWW: Many people surf the web by deluding themselves that their actions are private and anonymous.
Unfortunately it’s not like that. Whenever you visit a site or pay by card, reveal where you are from, what kind of computer you use and other details. This service allows you to browse the Web without revealing any personal information.

AnonNews: With AnonNews you can post comments in newsgroups without revealing your e-mail address or any information about your identity. So you can communicate more freely and you do not have to worry about it being recognized.

LINK | Anonymouse

Dead Fake

Using this page, you can send an anonymous email or make it look like it was sent by someone else. It’s all very simple, just fill out the form and press Submit. Make sure that the address from which you want to make it appear that the email has been sent must contain a real internet domain name. If you choose a domain that has not been registered, mail will not be delivered.

LINK | DeadFake

Send Email

This service allows you to send anonymous emails even when you do not have an email address. An e-mail can also be sent to those who banned us by inserting us in its spam list intentionally or by mistake. You can use this service for several reasons, such as when your email address does not work or if you want to make a joke to a friend. Do not use it for illegal purposes.

LINK | Send-Email

Guerrilla Mail

This is a great service not only to send anonymous emails, but also to get a spam filter of your email box, because the Guerrilla service will think for you to screen and filter unwanted emails. If you do not want to give your real email address to register for some service, you can use a temporary one like this. It requires no registration and expires after 60 minutes.

LINK | Guerrilla Mail


This is a service to send an anonymous e-mail very simple, just enter the recipient’s e-mail address, write your message and accept the terms of service. Enter the anti-SPAM code. Click “Send” and that’s it! It allows you to send free online mails including attachments, and is equipped with advanced settings to confirm delivery, confirm reading and you can also schedule sending.

LINK | Emkei

These applications can be used for different purposes, I hope that sending anonymous emails can be useful to protect your privacy and not for illegal purposes.


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