If you are wondering how to send emails encrypted with Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo answer is MailVelope, an extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, which allows you to encrypt mail with OpenPGP, using a webmail.

The function of MailVelope is to prevent data in transit from being intercepted, tampered with or falsified, protecting them with an extremely secure encryption system.

The first thing to do to send emails encrypted with Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo is to download the free extension MailVelpe on your browser ( Chrome – Firefox ), after installation, click on the icon added at the top of the toolbar and then on Options.

In the menu on the left choose Generate Key, which will allow us to generate cryptographic keys: all the required boxes must be filled, by entering name, last name, email, RSA key length and passphrase.

MailVelope 1

We recommend using a 2048 or 4096 bits key length and a fairly long and complex passphrase to avoid it being easily guessed.

After completing all the fields, click Submit and wait for MailVelope to generate the cryptographic key pair, which will be made available in Display Keys.

MailVelope 2

This key will be the public key to send to the user with whom you want to start an email exchange, moreover, the latter can save in his personal keyring; MailVelope will send a notification to notify the sender of the addition.

At this point, sender and recipient can send encrypted emails, and here we come to the center of our guide on how to send emails encrypted with Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo.

Enter the web interface of your e-mail service and fill in the form of the recipient and the object and then click on the icon of the notes on the right that will open the MailVelope interface, where you can write the text to be sent.

At this point just click on Encrypt, the message composition screen will appear in your webmail with totally encrypted text.

To decrypt the email and read the content, the recipient must click on the appropriate icon and enter his passphrase.

The process works indistinctly on Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo webcams, it is a very simple procedure, the extension is installed in a few seconds and the configuration is immediate.

The security level of MailVelope is very high, it is one of the best extensions for Chrome and Firefox to encrypt emails and secure your personal information and sensitive data that you do not want to let third parties know.


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