The MacBook are among the most used laptops in the world. Apple, once again, has managed to develop an excellent product that has won millions of users. With a MacBook you can program an iCal alarm, which we will use as a personal alarm, to avoid the absence of a real alarm application.

So let’s see how to set the alarm in the MacBook in a few simple steps:

  • Connect your MacBook to the Internet and update the software. To update, simply click on Software Update, located at the top left, below the Apple icon.
  • Reboot the computer when prompted. When restarting, click on System Preferences, then on Date and Time. Verify that the time zone and the date and time set are correct. Also check that the Set date and time option is active automatically.
  • Open the Applications folder and bring it into the ICal icon, if it is not already there.
  • Open iCal and proceed with customization by selecting Day, Week or Month.
  • If there is no calendar, open the File menu in iCal format and click on New Calendar. All created calendars will be listed on the left side, to facilitate management.
  • Choose the calendar to use to add the alarm. Basically you need to add an event, then choose the date and double click on it, then in the File menu choose the New Event item (Command-N).
  • Create the event correctly, inserting, in the window that opens automatically, all the required information, including of course date and time.
  • From the event window menu, proceed with the activation of the alarm. This default function is set to “none”. Select the type of notification to receive. The possibilities are many: email, message, open file, message with sound and execute commands.
  • To set the alarm on your MacBook, we recommend choosing a message with sound or message.
  • Choose how early the event created should be remembered and, therefore, at what time the notification should be sent, which corresponds to our alarm.

With these simple steps we understand how to set the alarm in the MacBook. Although there is no real alarm function, in this way we can use our laptop to wake up in the morning.


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