Here’s how to share the screen and remotely control a MAC from any computer, even Windows, tablets, even Android and from iPhone and iPad

Share MAC screen in Windows, iPhone and iPad without external software

Share the MAC screen on Windows and non-Windows PCs, iPhone and iPad without using External software

Apple devices are always the most closed to external contamination and it is not easy to take control of a MAC but in the latest versions of macOS something has changed and it is not difficult to share the screen and take control of an Apple device even without using external software.

macOS therefore integrates some basic functions such as screen sharing that allows you to transmit the screen of our MAC with all the devices in our network. The same function is therefore allows you to take control of the computer remotely, and in this article we will see how to use it.

How to enable screen sharing on macOS

  • Go to System Preferences.
  • Select on Sharing.
  • Tick on Screen Sharing.
  • Now you will get in the address section to communicate to whom you need to connect remotely. For example vnc://

Now that you have the address, tell it to those who need to remotely connect to see your screen.

Connect remotely to macOS

To remotely connect to a MAC after enabling screen sharing, you must:

  • Open the Finder
  • Select Go and then Connect to the server
  • Now indicate the IP obtained during the screen sharing phase. For example vnc://

Obviously now that we have the remote control of a macOS, and we can do it from any other device with the relative direct remote control app like VNC or WinVNC.

In this way we can get total control of the MAC with macOS and do all the normal operations that are done in front of a mac.


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