Want to know if a site is made in WordPress with another CMS? So here are the tools you need to know if a site was created with the WordPress platform or other known CMS.

How to know which CMS a website uses

Knowing if a site was created in WordPress or with another particular CMS such as MagentoDrupalJoomla, etc. It can be useful for different reasons and thanks to some tools we will not have to know any line of code or look at strange things. Just use the sites to follow by going to copy the URL of the site that interests us:

If you have tried at least one of the sites reported you will have noticed that in addition to the information about which CMS uses a website, we can also find many other useful information such as plugins used, statistics system and the server used.

Now you just have to start trying to enter some url of sites that you want to know the CMS that they used to make it.

What is a CMS?

Small reminder. A CMS (Content Management System) is nothing more than a platform that allows us to develop a website together with its contents, allowing us to have a control panel to manage everything in a dynamic way. Once we have chosen the graphic of our site; pages, articles and other elements can be managed through the control panel offered by the chosen CMS. For this CMS or Content Management System means a system for managing content!

All this allows us to manage our site in an autonomous, dynamic, fast and simple way without having to touch a line of source code. Depending on the CMS we are going to choose the management will be more or less complicated, but once the mechanism we will realize that it is essential if you have to manage pages or articles daily.


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