Add the Tilt-Shift effect to the photos? What is it? Let’s talk about an effect that will allow you to select any part of your image and blur everything around it, thus creating a truly remarkable and interesting visual effect. In other words, thanks to the programs that allow you this operation, you will be able to obtain photos that really resemble those you would have made using a DSLR camera using the diorama effect. Curious to understand how to do? Let’s see together 5 sites to apply the Tilt-Shift effect to your photos for free.


Tilt shift maker

TiltShiftMaker is a great website that will allow you to apply the Tilt-Shift effect to your photos, without spending any money on a suitable camera. The only thing you will have to do is upload the photo from your PC or paste the URL of the photo in the space provided, select the area you wish to highlight with the effect and start editing. In a few steps you will be able to get a nice photo with Tilt-Shift effect. It should be noted that no registration is required on the site.


Fotor tilt shift

Fotor is another site that lets you apply this effect to your images, and blur the desired part. Its strong point is the powerful graphic editor that the site offers you, thanks to which you can use exceptional tools such as the HDR filter, the collage tool, the smoothing, the clone and other really remarkable and appealing graphic effects. And once you have embellished your photography, by pressing a single button you can apply the Tilt-Shift effect and download the photo.


ipiccy tilt shift

Even iPiccy is a free portal that allows you to embellish a photo with the Tilt-Shift effect: like the previous, even iPiccy is full of really remarkable photo-editing tools, such as those to correct imperfections, to customize exposure and to change color hue and saturation. And if you want to go further, you can also use tons of effects like infrared, rainbow, sepia and many other goodies. Or simply apply the Tilt-Shift effect to the original. tilt shift is an amazing website: its simplicity of use is really significant, as well as the amount of editing tools that you can use to retouch every detail of your photography, before applying the Tilt-Shift effect. In addition, to underline the presence of a series of really exciting photo filters, such as the retro effect, the caramel, the broken glass, the sun ray and much more. Highly recommended, if you want to personalize your photos as much as possible.


Lunapic tilt shift

We conclude our review of the best sites to apply the Tilt-Shift effect to photos with LunaPic: a portal that will provide you with over 200 effects including filters, editing tools, animation effects and much more. In addition, LunaPic differs from other sites in the list by the speed factor: you can add the Tilt-Shift effect to your photos in no time. After having loaded it on the portal, in fact, you just skip the part of the editing and aim straight at the hard, applying the above effect. Finally, to underline the fact that the website will allow you to upload photos to be edited by social media such as Instagram or Facebook.


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