Learning to play a musical instrument is always a commitment that requires a lot of time and dedication as well as a good teacher, an excellent book or a reference point from which you can easily learn the basics and perfect yourself day after day. Even in these cases the technology can meet us if we know what to look for: we have already seen some intriguing applications to learn how to play guitar. Today we will see Best Sites to learn how to play drums online.

1. Free Drum Lessons

The first website we see is the well-known Free Drum Lessons which contains many lessons and video tutorials; This portal is an excellent reference point as it also contains lessons for all drummers, from beginners to the most experienced. There are many lessons offered, containing scores, explanations and often example videos with which to learn better; Finally, there is also a small community with which to interact and ask for help through a free forum.

2. Drum Lessons

Drum Lessons is a very similar site both by name and content to the previous one, offering many lessons containing both simple explanations with lots of scores and some sample videos or more in-depth analysis; the basis for learning the lessons is better even if the quality of the contents is inferior to the website seen previously. However, Drum Lessons can complete some gaps and become another excellent reference point for aspiring drummers.

3. Online Drummer

A very interesting website where a guy called “onlinedrummer” uploads video tutorials and insights for more than 7 years; all his videos are quite concise, hardly exceed 15 minutes and usually also offer a PDF containing the score in question that will be used. Faced with a good knowledge, this website is a real mine of video tutorials, easily divided by difficulty or topic; a great website to keep in mind.

4. Virtual Drumming

If a guitar or a clarinet can be comfortably transported, a battery is certainly not a portable instrument, but this does not mean that we can not even exercise at work, from a friend, on the road or when we are simply not in front of our battery. Virtual Drumming is a very interesting web application that allows us to play different types of drums through the keyboard, also offering lessons; is a tool that is very versatile and that certainly a good drummer will know how to use it as he sees fit.


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