Spotify is testing a new feature that also allows free users to skip advertising. Here are all the news about the feature and the latest agreement with Samsung.

To the delight of users, the Spotify team has started testing a new feature in Australia that also grants users who use the free version of skipping ads.

This is not news in the world of free services: YouTube has adopted this method for years and the platform does not seem to have suffered. The news of a possible transition to this new system was also confirmed by Spotify’s Partner Solution Manager, Danielle Lee.

Skip the ads on Spotify?

The new feature that allows you to skip advertising is tested because the company’s intentions could lead to an increase in revenue from the adverts.

There are some reasons that seem to make this function effective, at least on platforms that already use it as YouTube: the minority of people who do not skip the announcement tend to be the one interested in the advertised product and this allows the sponsors to gather more information on their own target.

Lee said: “Our theory is that this system makes the streaming more intelligent and offers a personalized experience to a public that is more attentive to our ads, improving the results achieved by advertisers”.

In another statement issued to Gizmodo, a spokesman for Spotify explained that the company will consider expanding this function to other markets. He adds: “We are devoted to our freemium model and will continue to innovate our products to ensure the best experience for both premium and free customers.”

The feature has been dubbed Active Media and should not result in any loss for advertisers who will see their ads skipped. The question is therefore whether Spotify will be able to keep advertising revenue by providing users with enough content that they really want to see or hear.

Spotify and Samsung

The news of these tests comes along with the announcement during the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 that the famous app will now be pre-installed on all Samsung smartphones.

This will probably increase the number of people using the platform and give it an advantage over Apple Music and Youtube Music.

It is not yet clear if Spotify will succeed in replicating the success obtained by YouTube with the function of skipping advertising. We will therefore have to wait to see if the feature will be imported in other countries besides Australia.


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