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The majority of mobile phones available in the market are Smartphones. Especially Google’ Android holds a very big share in the mobile phone marketing. Various manufacturers sell Android smartphones. Well, there are many mobile phone companies also which have their own Operating System. And our favourite Apple is one them. As we all know they work on iOS. In this category, you will find all important news about all smartphones.

How to set up automatic replies on iPhone

How to setup auto reply to text messages in iphone

It can often be very useful to set up automatic replies on the iPhone, so you can alert those who contacted you in case you...
Android voice assistant: here are the best

Best voice assistants for Android phone

The screen readers have become one of the most used functions by users, thanks to the actions that are able to accomplish. They have the goal of...
WhatsApp: the fingerprint will be used to access the chats

WhatsApp will use fingerprint to access chats

Fingerprint will be used to access the chats in WhatsApp. If the verification fails, WhatsApp will ask for the passcode or the phone password...
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7: features, price and release

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7: features, price and release

Redmi Note 7: the new smartphone produced by Xiaomi, with a super competitive price (less than 200 dollars). Here are the features and the official...
Samsung Galaxy S10: release date, price, features and news

Samsung Galaxy S10: release date, price, features and news

Samsung Galaxy S10 will be released on February 20, 2019 also in Lite and Plus. Let's find out the latest news on models, availability,...
The best dating app from 2019

Best dating app for singles from 2019

From Tinder to Bumble, through Once and Happn, here are the best free online dating app to meet people and (maybe!) The soul mate. The dating...
How to delete applications from iPad

How to delete apps from iPad

Since you have installed many apps on your iOS tablet, you are now looking for a guide on the Internet that explains how to delete applications...
How to backup iPhone on Mac

How to backup your iPhone data on Mac

Do you want to save the most important files, on your iPhone, on your computer but until now you have not found a guide...
iPhone 11/2019: release, prices, features, news

iPhone XI / 2019: release, prices, features, news

Almost a year to go out 'of the iPhone XI/2019, but already begin to leak rumor about how it will be and the likely...
6 Best Android Auto Apps

6 Best Android Auto Apps

Those of you who are avid drivers and who are prepared to go anywhere and everywhere, a robust Android Auto App is something you...

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