How to backup iPhone on Mac

How to backup your iPhone data on Mac

Do you want to save the most important files, on your iPhone, on your computer but until now you have not found a guide...
iPhone 11/2019: release, prices, features, news

iPhone XI / 2019: release, prices, features, news

Almost a year to go out 'of the iPhone XI/2019, but already begin to leak rumor about how it will be and the likely...
How to put flash on iPhone when you recieve a call

How to set flash in iPhone when you recieve a call

Often, due to various commitments such as school or work, it may be necessary to keep your smartphone in silent mode. Unfortunately, however, this can...
Why iPhone suddenly turns off

iPhone suddenly turn off : How to fix

A problem that often afflicts iPhone owners and that of the sudden stop of the device. Despite the famous iPhone by rekindling after a few seconds, it...
WhatsApp will stop working on iPhone: the models involved

WhatsApp will stop working on these iPhone from 2019

WhatsApp will no longer work on iPhones that will not support updates. Here is the list of interested models. It's official: WhatsApp on iPhone will stop working. In...
iPhone XI 2019 will have the folding screen?

iPhone XI rumors : will have folding screen?

The iPhone coming in 2019 could mount a folding screen: an Apple patent leaked online shows images of a flexible display. iPhone Xs and Xs...
10 apps and games you need to test in 2019

10 apps and games you must give a try in 2019

The year 2019 has come, and along with it, a number of new programs and games should appear for handsets and tablets running Android...
How to make iPhone backups

iPhone : Backup your important data in Simple steps

Perform periodic backups is a important operation. In this way, in fact, in case of any problems we will have our data safe, ready to be recovered. Photos, videos,...
Where iPhone saves data? How to view folders

Where iPhone saves data? How to view folders

You will have surely wondered how to browse all the folders in which the data of your iPhone are saved. Unfortunately, iPhone and iPad do...
How to copy text from PDF to smartphone

How to copy text from PDF in smartphone

On the Web it happens very often to find PDF files that contain information that can be used or that we would like to insert in some...

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