What is Snapchat? In this guide we will find out how it works and how to best use the application that allows you to send photos and videos with a limited view to all your contacts.

What is and how does Snapchat work? Imagine that all of you have at least once heard of Snapchat, the instant messaging application focused primarily on images that in a few years have had a sensational success all over the world, especially among young people.

Here is a guide to the use of the application useful for all those who have downloaded it on their Android smartphone or iOS but do not know how to use it.

Using Snapchat is very simple; just register your account to start posting photos and videos, which in the application language are called “Snap“. It is also possible to add Stories, a function that is also used for Instagram and Whatsapp, which unlike snap outs after one day of publication.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is the social network with the ghost logo that is very popular with young people.

Founded in 2011 by Bobby Murphy and Evan Spiegel, the company is based in Los Angeles while the app records an average of 50,000,000 photos and messages per day. Facebook tried in 2013 to buy it for 3.88 billion dollars, but without success. These numbers should give you a first idea of the giant that has become Snapchat in a few years.

Why is Snapchat so loved by users? Of applications for sending messages, photographs and videos there are thousands of them, but it is one of the features that made the app of the white ghost famous: every picture and video taken has limited visibility set by the user in an arc between one and ten seconds. After that it will disappear, forever. It will not be saved on the mobile phone of the person sending it, nor of the recipient.

Seeing is believing. These simple steps will accompany you in your first use of the app.

How does Snapchat work? Application guide for iOS and Android

We intrigued you and chose to download Snapchat from the official stores of Android and iOS? Then our application guide will be very useful. Here are the first steps to be taken as soon as you open Snapchat for the first time:

  • Open the app, and once registered (the minimum age allowed is 13 years) your account click on the button with the camera to take your first photo.
  • Start adding your friends. There are several ways to do this: either select the contacts in your address book, or add them by searching by username, the same method used for Instagram. Furthermore, friends can also be added via Snapcodes. These are images composed of the classic logo of the ghost, surrounded by a QR Code, where inside there is a selfie of the user. Just scan the Snapcode with the camera to add the user to your friends list.
  • At this point, you are ready to create your first “Snap” to share with friends. To do so, take the photograph by pressing the red button or keep it pressed to shoot a video.
  • You can add one or more writing via pre-set boxes or use the pencil function to manually write a word or a thought using your fingers directly. It will then be possible to apply a series of filters very similar to those of Instagram.
  • It’s time to set in practice what is then the main feature of Snapchat: the timer! By clicking on the icon in the form of a clock, you will set the display duration granted to your shot, from 1 to 10 seconds.
  • On the main screen you can check the status of your messages, which were displayed and which are waiting to be received.

How to use Snapchat? The other functions

The “Snapchat Stories“, however, will allow you to take public photos that all your contacts will be able to view for a certain period of time. And do not try to be smart: if you try to make a screen of a video or image sent with Snapchat, an immediate notification will arrive to the sender that will reveal your rudeness.

The instant messaging function follows the same rules as sending photos and videos. Your message (with any photos attached) will disappear after being read, both from your mobile phone as well as from the recipient’s as if it had never existed. The volatile and «timed» nature of sharing digital material has made it the preferred playground for sending hot photos granted for a few seconds before disappearing. I leave to your fervid imagination the possibilities of using such a simple but innovative feature.

Recently, the new Memories feature has been introduced in Snapchat, which allows circumventing the problem of deleting photos and videos after a short period of time. With Snapchat Memories, in fact, you can save Snaps and Stories creating a personal collection with your favorite moments. A very interesting feature that you can also use to create new original Snaps by combining multiple Stories between them.

Is Snapchat safe?

Snapchat, as well as Whatsapp and Facebook, is a social network and for this reason its security depends on the user’s use.

For example, even if Snapchat content is deleted after a short time, we recommend that you pay close attention to what you post. Anything that ends up on Snapchat, in fact, can be saved by your contacts through a simple screenshot. The application will notify you of the incident, but you can not do anything to delete the content saved by your friend.

Not to mention that you are never protected from attacks by hackers because, especially the most experienced, could be able to violate your profile by stealing even the most intimate photos. The same goes for chat conversations for which you can save some parts of text.

So the volatility of Snapchat is only apparent and that is why we recommend the maximum alert in the use of this application avoiding posting photos or videos too personal. Just a few small measures to avoid getting caught in an unpleasant situation.


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