If downloading update on PlayStation 4 takes too long and to download a game you have to wait an entire afternoon, here’s some trick to try to speed up the console.

Who plays on PlayStation 4 knows how frequent are the updates and how many times would you want to speed up those interminable downloads.

It often happens to turn on the PS, sit on the couch, ready to download the demo of PES 2019 and realize that, despite the weight is not so large, it will take a long time before starting to play.

Here are the tips to try to speed up the downloads on PS4.

PS4 | Speed up downloads

Before starting, some small trick.

It is said that the tricks that follow can speed up the download of games and updates, but it becomes very unlikely in case there are other underlying problems.

The first thing to do is to know the potential of our internet line: just run an online test, for example with fast.com. If the line speed is under 10 Mbps, the problem is the connection.

Downloads can also slow down because the line is overcrowded: watching a movie in streaming while waiting for the console to download a game is not a good way to speed up the situation and, of course, even play while the device is busy with the update it could slow down the process.

After these first checks, we can proceed by trying to pause and resume the download or, even better, by connecting the PlayStation with Ethernet cable(the port is on the back).


If nothing worked, do not despair, we can try to intervene by changing DNS and MTU.

To do so, press the PlayStation button on the joystick and go to Settings> Network> Configure internet connection. We choose between WiFi or network cable and proceed with Customize with IP Manual we insert in the universal DNS Google:

  • in the Primary DNS
  • in Secondary DNS

Then select Next and in the MTU configuration select Automatic, then on Server Proxy Do not use.

Then just go ahead and try again to download the file and see if it worked.

Once the download is finished, it may happen that you have to restore the DNS back to the original values if we realize we are slower during the game.


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