The Benefits of Having a Blog

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Have you ever considered starting a blog? A lot of people are choosing to create their own blog in 2020 and there are so many awesome reasons why. From making money to writing about your passions, there is no better time than the present to start your own website and writing. Do you need some

What is a post?

Have you heard about post but have not understood what it is for or what is its meaning? Here we will explain what a post is. WHAT IS A POST? In computer science, a post, sometimes called publication or article, is nothing but a text message, having the function of opinion, comment or intervention, which is published on a specific platform

GDPR and WordPress: Best Plugins to Adapt GDPR

GDPR is easy to integrate with all sites created with WordPress there are several solutions to adapt easily, quickly and free. Here are best plugins GDPR and WordPress: The Best Plugins to Adapt to the Regulation The GDPR, the new regulation that aims to protect personal data, has affected everything and even those who have a site

5 Websites to Find and Download Free Fonts

During this weekend I helped my friend: he had to fix some things on his blog, first of all the font used. It seems incredible, but also simply by changing the font of a page, the page itself takes on a completely different tone. It can go from being a serious buffa to becoming evocative. Applies to the

6 websites to buy professional images for commercial use

Those who work in the web world always need original content: for this reason, we have decided to recommend 6 sites where you can buy professional images. How many times have you visited a well-kept website or blog, but with poor and poor quality photographs? The choice of a professional image depends very much on the type of

What is Tumblr and how it works

Tumblr has definitely revolutionized the world of social networks and blogs, it is a platform born in 2006 with the aim of recalling a user lover of sharing of content and blogs. In fact, we could define Tumblr as a social networking and microblogging platform that allows the creation of tumble blogs, that is, posts of various kinds; before explaining what