Best FREE DNS Servers Available in 2020 (for all devices)


Have you ever heard of DNS servers? No? This is somewhat strange, you use them practically every day! DNS, in fact, are the tools that allow you to reach the websites you visit by typing simple text addresses (e.g. ) instead of long numerical sequences (e.g., which would then be the real coordinates of the sites. As a result, knowing

How to change DNS server on your iPhone

The DNS (Domain Name System) allows the domain name to be translated into the corresponding IP address to which it corresponds. Every time we connect to a site by writing its name in the search bar, this translation process takes place. One reason for wanting to change your address on the iPhone is to speed up the

How to change DNS server on your iPad Easily

With the aim of speeding up Internet browsing or bypassing the ban on access to some websites, we will reveal in this guide how to change DNS on the iPad using various solutions. DNS: which ones to use on iPad Before getting into the heart of today’s new guide, you first need to find out

Google DNS, What they are and Why to prefer them to others

Thanks to DNS, we can navigate with the utmost freedom, accessing blocked sites and very quickly, which certainly does not always happen with the DNS set up in our computer or on our router. In this guide we will look at why to use Google’s home DNS and how to change it on Windows, Mac, Router, Android