How to access blocked sites in iPhone

Nowadays you use your mobile device to surf the Internet a lot by visiting different Internet portals but often these are blocked by firewalls or are not accessible in the country where you are. In this new guide today we will find out how to access blocked sites in your iPhone, obviously if you have an iPhone.

Which keys to press to enter in BIOS of your Computer

Whether you have a PC with Windows or Linux as an operating system on a PC that is not a MAC, to enter the first layer of the computer that deals with talking to the hardware at first start, the BIOS, there is to press a combination of ad hoc keys that changes depending on the computer manufacturer. BIOS

Charge your smartphone with sunlight

Charge your smartphone with sunlight. A solar charger is a clean, comfortable and efficient way to keep our devices with battery charged everywhere. This type of charger makes us independent from the plugs and allows us to move freely and perform all kinds of outdoor activities without worrying about the battery. Charge your smartphone with sunlight When

Download desktop wallpapers for high-definition PCs (HD and 4K)

All the best sites where you can download desktop wallpapers for PC in high definition, HD, even for 16/9 screens and for dual monitors During the tedious work with the computer, one of the things which leave most satisfaction is definitely being able to look at a nice background on the PC desktop. A search for

How to hide photos, videos and apps on Android

In these days when everyone is worried about privacy, smartphones certainly do not let you sleep peacefully. In fact, anyone can take our smartphone in hand and open, for example, the photo gallery to find our shots or browse the applications and open them to spy on what we do. Not to mention then if

Wi-Fi connection Problems on Mac: how to solve them

Can not connect to the Wi-Fi network with your Mac? The reasons can be many and it is not always easy to find a solution immediately. Precisely for this reason, I thought to show you in this article the various possible solutions to solve the problems of Wi-Fi on Mac. Read on to find out

How to download Adobe Flash Player for free

Downloading Adobe Flash Player is in fact of fundamental importance to take full advantage of most of the multimedia content that can be found online. You can download Adobe Flash Player for free, regardless of whether you use Windows, MacOS or Linux on your computer and regardless of the web browser you usually use to

How to bypass Internet site surveys (100% working)

Here we are with a solution for yet another problem you may encounter in the Internet world. We surf and download many things regularly, whether it be multimedia, apps, themes, games from the web. There were days when it was enough to just click on the download button to download the contents but now it’s not

How wetransfer (for web and Android/iOS) works?

To perform an important job you would need to send several files via email but, in an attempt to put into practice the task that has been assigned to you, through a normal e-mail box via the Web, you encounter problems. The files in question are too large and the most common Webmail limit size of