Tips for Using Instagram for Business

Instagram has more than 1 billion active users every month. More than 5 million businesses are using Instagram to connect with their customers, build brand value, and uniquely present their offerings. If you are new to Instagram and the world of hashtags, you would be wondering how to stand out from the crowd. Using Instagram

What is Instagram reach and 4 tips to increase it

Instagram Reach

If you work or live in contact with social networks, you may have heard about reach, a term present in networks like Facebook and Instagram. Instagram Reach is one of the most important performance meters in the analysis of engagement, and a great differential to promote a brand or product. What is reach? Instagram Reach estimate of how many

How to share Apple Music songs on Instagram Stories

Instagram in iPhone

Sharing music on Instagram Stories is a common feature in streaming services. Apple Music, musical broadcast platform, Apple has implemented this function in your app for iOS from the operating system version 13.5. There is still no forecast for the functionality to arrive on Android devices. You can share songs, albums, radios, and playlists from the Apple Music catalog. On Instagram,

Instagram Stories: how to have the rainbow circle

Instagram LGBT

How to have the rainbow circle on Instagram Stories, the new feature dedicated to the LGBT community. Here is the trick to color your story in a special way. How to have the rainbow circle on Instagram Stories? On the occasion of Pride Month the stories on Instagram all become rainbow thanks to a special trick that allows you

How To Increase Likes On Instagram?

Instagram Likes

Instagram is one of the most visited social networking sites, where people post their pictures and become the center of attraction amidst their friend circle. Instagram is owned by Facebook and it basically focuses on the photos and videos uploaded by the users. You might be thinking sometimes that how to get more likes on

Guide to Recover Deleted Instagram messages in 2020

How to copy caption, bio and comment text on Instagram [without using apps]

A few hours ago, a friend of yours sent you an important Direct message on Instagram. Unfortunately, however, on a busy day, you realized that you accidentally deleted the entire content of the chat in question, thus failing to recover the text or multimedia content. So, without hesitation, you immediately opened Google in search of

Find and use an attractive Instagram filter


The more people use filters on Instagram Stories, the more filters appear. Some of them have become fashionable and become very popular – like the filter that changes the color of the eyes, the baby filter, angel filter, aging filter or quiz (which animal you look like, etc.). Yes, it’s kind of (totally) silly, but it’s kind

How to save Instagram stories in your Android, iPhone and web in 2020

Instagram Stories

With the advent of stories, Instagram’s popularity has increased becoming the social platform of the moment. Users are encouraged to spend more and more time on social media, sharing simple and temporary contents of all kinds. Stories have a certain attraction for the people of the web, who try to understand all the aspects in order to make the most of

How to use Instagram direct on Windows and Mac computer


Instagram has undergone a surprising growth in recent years, so much so that it has become the reference social network worldwide. Its application is available for both Android and iOS, but you can also use the online platform from your computer, by accessing the site by entering your credentials. However, there are differences between the smartphone application and the web version. The most important is certainly the presence

How to make Instagram profile private


Instagram’s default is a public account, where anyone can view your profile and posts. You can turn your public account into a private account – one in which only followers approved by you can see what you share. If your account is already set up as private, only approved followers will see your photos or videos on location or hashtag