How To Make A Slideshow With Music?


Do you know that you could easily add music to your slideshows to take them to the next level? Yes, no matter what software or slideshow program you use, you can easily add music to it.

How to optimize images for the web: Increase Site Speed


One of the main causes of slowness on websites and applications is the inappropriate use of images. Learn how to optimize images for the web, make them powerful allied to search engines and contribute to a higher permanence rate. Understanding the basics of compression, image quality and advantages in using each type of image allows us to make better choices. This

How To Get The Best Dedicated Proxies


Looking for the best dedicated proxies? Whether you are running a business or you just need it for personal use, proxy can offer users with tons of benefits in terms of accessing different websites. Its benefits are not to be taken for granted especially that it can provide ease and satisfaction in using different functions

5 essential Trello plugins to use in Chrome in 2020


Plugins of Trello for Chrome can be ideal solutions to improve your productivity on a daily basis. In addition to providing agility, these tools increase the possibilities of the platform, as they can either transform an email from Gmail into a card or organize your board in a more dynamic way. Discover five free Google Chrome extension options to

Remove personal information and photos from the Internet

Nowadays personal information travels on the Internet. Social media are the masters and, by sharing photos, information and videos, it is impossible to prevent the digital circulation of data. We do it autonomously and willingly, but the situation changes when others spread the sensitive data concerning you. Worse still when exposed by defamatory information. If you ascertain the presence on the

How Incognito Mode works in Google Chrome

Incognito Mode in Google Chrome

The Google Chrome Anonymous Mode, available both in the version for desktop and in the browser for mobile phones, lets you browse the internet without it stores data such as passwords, browsing history and cookies on the devices. See how Incognito works on Google Chrome and other browsers. How to use a VPN in Windows 10 How

Best 5 methods to send too Large and heavy videos in 2020

Best 5 methods to send too Large and heavy videos

Very often, when recording a video, one does not notice the size that the video reaches. A very heavy video in terms of GB turns out to be difficult to transfer or send. Despite this, there are specific methods to be able to share the multimedia content of your interest, although the dimensions are not