Best FREE DNS Servers Available in 2020 (for all devices)


Have you ever heard of DNS servers? No? This is somewhat strange, you use them practically every day! DNS, in fact, are the tools that allow you to reach the websites you visit by typing simple text addresses (e.g. ) instead of long numerical sequences (e.g., which would then be the real coordinates of the sites. As a result, knowing

How to downgrade iOS

iPhone software update

If you installed a beta version on your iOS device (iPhone, iPad and iPod) and for some reason you no longer want to use it, rest assured – you can return to the previous software. Follow this tutorial and learn how to downgrade iOS. The beta version of iOS is available to members of the Apple Beta Software Program, Customer Seed Program and iOS

How to install iOS 14 public beta update on iPhone?

iOS 14

Although the final version of iOS 14 is available to download and install on the iPhone only at the end of the year, Apple has already released the public beta to anyone who wants to test the new system before the general public. Learn how to install the update, announced at WWDC 2020. Remember: it is a beta version I am well aware

How to share Apple Music songs on Instagram Stories

Instagram in iPhone

Sharing music on Instagram Stories is a common feature in streaming services. Apple Music, musical broadcast platform, Apple has implemented this function in your app for iOS from the operating system version 13.5. There is still no forecast for the functionality to arrive on Android devices. You can share songs, albums, radios, and playlists from the Apple Music catalog. On Instagram,

Telegram : How to make video calls Complete guide


How to make video calls on Telegram: the trick is available within the Beta version. Here’s how to get them on iOS and Android. How to make video calls on Telegram: the popular instant messaging app, direct rival of WhatsApp, is full of features such as animated and customizable stickers, secret chats, but not the ability to

The Best Apps for Info News Update

The Best Apps for Info News Update

Most of us like to gather information and news updates from many websites and blogs. You can easily find illuminating blogs similar to HuffPost, Forbes, Google News, The New York Times, Financial Times, etc over the internet. It is often unconvinced to load such websites over smartphones, and it is even impossible to carry a

Download torrent on iPhone and iPad without Jailbreak


There is no need to jailbreak to download torrents on iOS. There are tools that allow you to download through Safari itself, which eliminates the need for risky methods or applications to download. Find out how to download torrent on iPhone and iPad in a practical and safe way. Download torrent on iPhone and iPad without jailbreak

How to connect Spotify to Waze

connect Spotify to Waze

It is possible to connect Spotify to Waze and start listening to music and playlists through the navigation app, through a very simple procedure. The feature is free for all users of the music app (even those on the free plan) and allows you to play audio without having to switch applications. See how to connect Spotify and Waze.