Best FREE DNS Servers Available in 2020 (for all devices)


Have you ever heard of DNS servers? No? This is somewhat strange, you use them practically every day! DNS, in fact, are the tools that allow you to reach the websites you visit by typing simple text addresses (e.g. ) instead of long numerical sequences (e.g., which would then be the real coordinates of the sites. As a result, knowing

How to know who is using your WiFi network


At work or at home, it is very important to know who is connected to your WiFi. In a residential connection, for example, having control and monitoring the network is a way of knowing if other people are using your signal without authorization. Meanwhile, in the corporate environment, it allows users to manage their actions and impose limits

Run hardware diagnostics from the PC BIOS

Run hardware diagnostics from the PC BIOS

When a problem of any kind arises inside your computer there are many ways to find a solution. In general, the Operating System is developed precisely to prevent errors and ensure that data is always safe. However, it could happen that you run into some hardware/software problems that must be solved manually. This is possible thanks to a multitude of programs and tools. It could happen, for example, that you can

Create disk images using Ubuntu Live USB

In addition to allowing us to preview an operating system, a Live disk can be used to create backup data, shrink partitions, clone the hard drive, scan the system for viruses and more. Although the image or cloning of the hard drive can be done using a simple backup of the data and applications it contains, some systems

How to Recover Data from a Broken or Damaged Hard Disk

Recover files from a broken PC: what a headache! Whether we want to admit it or not, the so-called “lost data nightmare” prevents anyone who has to deal with a computer from sleeping soundly: what if tomorrow morning the computer suddenly refuses to work and your hard disk is damaged? Or if, worse still, the laptop PC should slip

How to Check the hard disk health in Linux

Having diagnostic tools on hand to check the good health of your hardware is always a good and right thing, and particular importance must certainly be given to periodic checking of the disks, where normally all the most important data is stored. Whether they are HDDs or SSDs, it is certainly necessary to make sure that the disks function

Best Linux distributions to use on pendrives in 2020

Are you looking for a nice way to recycle one – or even more than one – USB stick, which perhaps has become too small to contain your data over time? If you love DIY in terms of diagnostics, if you often use someone else’s PC, if you own an internet point and for a

How to install WhatsApp Desktop on Linux [Ubuntu]

FRANZ Ubuntu WhatsApp

It is possible to install WhatsApp Desktop on Linux, using different third-party clients. One of the simplest is Franz, which allows you to use other messaging apps like Tweetdeck, Facebook Messenger and Telegram at the same time. How to install WhatsApp Desktop on Linux [Ubuntu] There are a few simple ways to use WhatsApp Desktop on Linux,