Did you get banned on Pokémon Go? What you can do

Pokémon GO

Having your account banned on Pokémon Go is possible for a number of factors. The game is very strict against those who cheat or use flaws to take advantage. But banning on Pokémon Go can also occur for reasons considered “unfair” or, in rarer cases, “deception”. Learn how to solve. What can ban you in Pokémon Go? According to the official website of Niantic,

5 Pros and Cons of FIFA Mobile

FIFA Mobile

FIFA Mobile may be the ideal option for those who want to play one of the most popular football games of the moment, but are out of money to buy the console or PC versions. On Android and iOS it is free, with advantages and limitations – meet some. Pros 1. Ultimate Team anywhere Of course, the

5 Best Online Horror Games to Play on Android Phones

Slenderman hide and seek

Games with a more frightening footprint have a legion of fans. Whether on computers or on consoles, titles like Resident Evil, Outlast, among others are successful even almost infarcting scared players. But it is clear that smartphones would not be left out. If you like to take scares, but prefer a smaller screen for this, take a look at some

How to Beat Granny and Get out of the House


Granny is an independent horror game, available for free for Android and iOS, in which we control a character who must escape from a house full of traps by solving puzzles, while avoiding a persecuting figure that kills you with just one blow, Granny. And yes, Granny is a harmless old lady. Although Granny has the absurd premise

Pokémon GO will no longer work on these smartphones

Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO will no longer work on these smartphones: here is the list of models that will have to say goodbye to the popular game. Pokémon GO will stop working on old smartphones: Niantic has officially announced the discontinuation of support for older Android models, listing a series of devices from past generations. Of course, let’s talk about a list of smartphones that