How to Speed up the Playback Speed on Netflix & Youtube


Do you have little time to finish that YouTube video or episode of a series on Netflix? You can increase the playback speed of the video to watch it faster, of course, if you don’t mind the busy scenes and dialogues. See how to do this on YouTube or Netflix using browser plugins (Chrome or Firefox ). Increase video speed on YouTube YouTube already has a feature to adjust

Is Streaming Legal? Everything You Need to Know About Streaming

Is streaming legal or not

Streaming is in trend nowadays, especially among teens and adults. And if the questions like What is Streaming? Is Streaming Legal? Is streaming legal via VPN? Are continuously boggling your minds, Then Don’t worry readers, By the end of this article, You will have all the answers. Just keep scrolling to know more. About Streaming

Control mobile data consumption in Netflix


There was free time to continue the episode of that series, but you don’t know if Netflix spends a lot of mobile data? Well, in principle, streaming consumes almost the same as a download. It will depend on the settings of each application. Understand and control Netflix data consumption. Netflix spends a lot of mobile data? At first yes. But, there are settings

Netflix releases and originals in March 2020


Carnival is coming and, if you prefer the sofa, stay tuned. The month of March in 2020 brought Netflix releases and originals for you to update “My List”. Among the news from Netflix in March are the third seasons of the original Elite and Black Lightning series. For animation fans, the Studio Ghibli Collection grows with Spirited Away and three more titles. Hunger Games is another sequence ready

The Witcher: 4 differences among books, games and Netflix series

The Witcher netflix

The series The Witcher, the Netflix debuted with great expectations, some controversial casting choices, timelines that can confuse, but in general please even the most skeptical. The following guide will help you understand the differences between the versions of the books, games and the TV series itself. It should be noted that Netflix’s The Witcher adapted the literary work of Polish writer Andrzej

The Witcher: Story behind series, weapons and armor

Arming the characters

On December 20th, The Witcher series debuted on Netflix, where we are introduced to a fantasy world full of monsters, magic and political intrigue. Based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s books, the series bears many similarities to other fantasy works, such as Game of Thrones. But because it’s a work based on Scandinavian and Eastern European legends, many of the designs used on these

How to change the font and color of subtitles on Netflix

As much as Netflix exhibits subtitled attractions, the style of caption is not always what pleases you the most. Sometimes the font size is too small or in some cases, it confuses with the background color, which impairs readability. But cool, it’s easy to increase the font size of the caption, change the style of the lyrics, set the colors and shading

How to watch the American Netflix catalog with VPN

Since Netflix banned the use of VPNs – preventing customers of those services from other countries from accessing their U.S., UK and Canadian display catalogs – VPN providers and users try to find a solution to solve the m7111-1331-5059 error. The code appears when Netflix internal systems identify that the user is connecting via VPN, proxy or “unblocking” service. The company is justified in stating that