How to format PS4 HD( Hard Drive) on PC

format PS4 hd [internal hard drive]

When exchanging a PS4 hard drive or formatting a common external hard drive to be used as an extended device on the console, it is often not recognized in Windows after that. But then, does the device become a paperweight? Here’s how to format PS4 hd on your PC and solve this problem. How to format PS4 HD on PC The

How to transfer data from one PS4 to another

How to download games for free on PSN [PlayStation]

The PS4 has an internal tool that allows you to transmit data to another device on the same line, even if they are different models. This allows users to switch consoles for a variety of reasons. Learn how to transfer data from one PS4 to PS4 Pro or any other model. How to delete a message from PS4 How to turn

How to update PS4 manually: Step by Step Guide

PS4 system update

Sony releases updates to PS4 over time and we need to keep updated console to continue playing online and taking advantage of other features it can offer. Check out how to update PS4 manually and more conveniently. Why update your PS4? As mentioned, the PS4 update is necessary for anyone who wants to continue enjoying the console to the full. The most common is

Does the PS4 play DVD?

Does the PS4 play DVD

A common question among people is whether the PS4 plays DVD. After all, playing Blu-Ray discs is one of the important functions of the console and we know that many people still have DVDs at home. See what types of files and media Playstation 4 plays. Seven 2 player games on Playstation 4 Does the PS4 play DVD?

How to download themes on PS4

The Last of Us Part II Theme

The themes of the PS4 are the combination of media elements such as images, texts and sounds that make up the visual and sound part of the Playstation 4 operating system so that user interaction becomes more friendly and within thematic universes of the games. As with systems like Android, it is possible to change these elements a little so that each user

7 Best 2 player games for PS4 in 2020

Streets of Rage 4

As the popularization of the speed internet and technological evolution, the production of online games has gained a lot of space in the studios, while games with local cooperative modes have lost space. So today I present seven games of 2 players on PlayStation 4, for you to enjoy that cooperative mode with friends. To be more dynamic,

PS4 games are coming out in 2020

PlayStation 4

By 2020, Sony is finally due to launch its December PlayStation 5, invariably shutting down what should be the last 365 days of the current PlayStation 4 as the flagship product of the company’s gaming division. And to celebrate the closing of the curtains, the company must launch a series of games that promise to “cause” the global industry. Many