How CCPA is Changing the Face of Data Security

Data Security

It can be an understatement to say that almost every organization today is dealing with data overload, productivity barriers and departmental silos. With a higher number of organizations investing heavily in information collection and data warehousing, they are finding it challenging to build data systems and make sense of it all. Unfortunately, although data is

Best FREE DNS Servers Available in 2020 (for all devices)


Have you ever heard of DNS servers? No? This is somewhat strange, you use them practically every day! DNS, in fact, are the tools that allow you to reach the websites you visit by typing simple text addresses (e.g. ) instead of long numerical sequences (e.g., which would then be the real coordinates of the sites. As a result, knowing

How to use a free unlimited VPN on PC and Android


There is a whole discussion about free and unlimited VPN, like Hola VPN or Turbo VPN. They can help protect your connection, but there is no free lunch. To cover the price of the servers, these services usually collect data generated by users, including the addresses of the pages accessed through the VPN, and disclose it to third parties. Hola

Reason why antiviruses alone are not enough to secure your devices


image from In this 21st century, asking people to live without the internet and internet-enabled gadgets and appliances is almost impossible. Our lives today are inexplicably entwined and reliant on these gadgets. Compared to two decades ago, we are a lifetime ahead in terms of technological advancements. We can bank and shop online, we

How To Get The Best Dedicated Proxies


Looking for the best dedicated proxies? Whether you are running a business or you just need it for personal use, proxy can offer users with tons of benefits in terms of accessing different websites. Its benefits are not to be taken for granted especially that it can provide ease and satisfaction in using different functions

Do You Really Need Antivirus Software in 2020?


New viruses and malware are being created all the time. They are getting smarter and more dangerous for personal computers and smartphone devices. A lot of the time, users are not aware that they are there until something goes wrong. Yet, one of the problems is that people seem to have forgotten about antivirus software.

5 apps for managing 2-step verification codes [2FA]


The two-step verification is essential to impose security services used on the Internet. However, activating the feature by SMS, to receive the codes, is no longer a safe option, considering the SIM swap scams that have occurred and other ways of intercepting the text message. In this context, the best choice is to set the two-step verification with an app of tokens (2FA codes). What are

Remove personal information and photos from the Internet

Nowadays personal information travels on the Internet. Social media are the masters and, by sharing photos, information and videos, it is impossible to prevent the digital circulation of data. We do it autonomously and willingly, but the situation changes when others spread the sensitive data concerning you. Worse still when exposed by defamatory information. If you ascertain the presence on the