How to use a free unlimited VPN on PC and Android


There is a whole discussion about free and unlimited VPN, like Hola VPN or Turbo VPN. They can help protect your connection, but there is no free lunch. To cover the price of the servers, these services usually collect data generated by users, including the addresses of the pages accessed through the VPN, and disclose it to third parties. Hola

Reason why antiviruses alone are not enough to secure your devices


image from In this 21st century, asking people to live without the internet and internet-enabled gadgets and appliances is almost impossible. Our lives today are inexplicably entwined and reliant on these gadgets. Compared to two decades ago, we are a lifetime ahead in terms of technological advancements. We can bank and shop online, we

Is Streaming Legal? Everything You Need to Know About Streaming

Is streaming legal or not

Streaming is in trend nowadays, especially among teens and adults. And if the questions like What is Streaming? Is Streaming Legal? Is streaming legal via VPN? Are continuously boggling your minds, Then Don’t worry readers, By the end of this article, You will have all the answers. Just keep scrolling to know more. About Streaming

How to access blocked sites in iPhone

Nowadays you use your mobile device to surf the Internet a lot by visiting different Internet portals but often these are blocked by firewalls or are not accessible in the country where you are. In this new guide today we will find out how to access blocked sites in your iPhone, obviously if you have an iPhone.

Best Free VPNs for Android in 2020: Which One to Choose

VPN Android

Surfing from smartphones and tablets is not always safe for our privacy: telephone operators, search engines and advertising agencies can track our habits with great ease. They can discover the exact location where we are, which system we use and from which IP address we surf the net. If we particularly care about our privacy when we

Best free Proxy apps for Android in 2018

The Internet by its nature allows everyone to work in complete freedom, naturally … within the limits of legality. Undoubtedly the web has done a lot of good for users all over the world, has provided opportunities to explore and learn about things that only a few years ago seemed remote and impenetrable and the benefits can

How to Set up VPN in Windows

Guide for setting up a VPN connection on Windows, either manually or through automatic programs  Often using PCs on public networks or corporate networks, we pay little attention to the data that can transit within it, convinced that we can navigate without anyone knowing what we do. Unfortunately this is not the case: on corporate

How to change IP address of your PC

You were downloading some files from a hosting service, but were you suddenly stuck because your IP exceeded the daily download limit? Have you tried to watch the videos on an American website, but you failed because your IP address, is located in an unsupported geographical area? It would really take a way to change the