Best Instagram plugins for WordPress

In addition to historical social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, Instagram has recently become a social tool to share photos. It is an instant sharing tool that is well suited to the creation of communities and for this reason, it may be useful to integrate it into your blog. Today I present the best Instagram plugins for

How to check if your site is hit by a Malware

Web services that help you check if your site has been hit by a Malware. If you have a website or want to verify that a site is infected with any malware then you’re in the right place. Keep reading Website with viruses? Find it here Browsing the web there is always the risk of running into a malicious

100 Best WordPress Plugins by categories in 2018

Best 2018 plugins for WordPress WordPress is an easy-to-use platform to create websites quickly and the most powerful CMS in the world also supports plugins and themes to add features and change the theme. Thanks to WordPress plugins you can expand the functionality of your blog, have more options to control access and statistics, block spam comments, allow your readers

10 Attractive social buttons plugins for your WordPress site

Today we are going to present the best graphics that we found on, to insert attractive social buttons on your website. These are premium instruments, therefore paid, but really professional and worthy of attention. Let’s start to see this list. 10 social buttons for your WordPress Blog Social and Web Buttons Pack Social and Web Buttons Pack offers

SEO for WordPress : Here are the SEO rules you must follow

SEO for WordPress : Here are the SEO rules you must follow

SEO WordPress Tips. The main SEO rules to follow – First of all you must know that the rules for obtaining an optimal positioning can be subject to changes over time and that is the quality of the contents to be decisive for an excellent positioning on search engines. Not sure how SEO for WordPress works and how to optimize your site for search engines to the

Introduction to WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular free and open source content management systems based on PHP and MySQL. WordPress was first set up for bloggers and is now used to build websites Whether they are large or small. It is now the largest self-hosting website building tool in the world. WordPress is reportedly the

How to Disable Widgets in WordPress

Do you want to disable Widgets which are not useful for you anymore? The widgets screen in WordPress shows you the widgets which you can add to your theme. The matter is that too many widgets may muddle your screen, and you don’t need all of them. In this article, we are going to tell

How to Create a WordPress Child Theme without coding

To make the overall appearance of a WordPress website Eye-catching and unique, many web developers now design and customize their own theme and some of them make fewer changes in existing themes on the bases of their individual needs. For beginners, it can be too fishy to create their own theme or to make changes

How to add contact form 7 in WordPress page

In our previous articles we have told you about Adding Post on Website using WordPress, Add Menu and sub-menu in WordPress website, Install a WordPress theme and customize it. Now you are Just a bit away from a beginner to being Intermediate in WordPress.If you haven’t read our previous articles on WordPress then you can