Do you work in an office or you are a student Excel is a very important tool to keep business data it is always useful to learn Excel.

Here are ten useful keyboard shortcuts for everyday Excel, that will help you to save a lot of your time while working.

Change number formats

1. Decimals: To display two digits after the decimal point, highlight the desired cell and press Ctrl+Shift+1.

2. For an exponential notation, press Ctrl+Shift+2.

3. Is the number not recognized as a date? Press Ctrl+Shift+3.

If this does not work, the date format may need to be changed. This works with Ctrl + #.

4. To format the number into a monetary amount with a currency symbol and two decimal places, press Ctrl + Shift + 4.

5. To format a number into a percentage, press Ctrl + Shift + 5.

6. If you want a complete reset of all formatting, highlight the appropriate cells and press Ctrl + Shift + 6.

Additional tip: If you enter the appropriate commands again, the formatting is undone.

Format cell contents

1. To make the contents of the selected cell (s) bold, press Ctrl + Shift + F.

2. Italics content you generate with the keyboard input Ctrl + Shift + K .

3. Underline cell contents with Ctrl + Shift + U , strike through with Ctrl + 5 .

4. Create breaks within a cell with Alt + Enter.

Free tip: Most of the shortcuts also work with open source Office solutions such as LibreOffice.

And last but not least a matter of course, which can save the day: When working on a document for a long time, remember to save regularly, Ctrl + S!


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