The Queen Ayrenn opened the gates of Summerset, allowing you to have access to land so the Altmer. Many of you are wondering what wonders these green lands will never do and what has remained confined to the rest of the world all this time. If you were looking for answers to your questions, you have come to the right place.

A beautiful region to discover and explore

What will open up before travelers who pass the Summerset gates will be one of the most beautiful lands ever explored in The Elder Scrolls. Surrounded by greenery and dotted with impressive buildings under the architectural point of view, the region of Elven High is able to offer breathtaking views in which it is worth losing. Moreover, throughout the territory, many surprises are scattered, thus rewarding the most stubborn explorers. Some famous critics of Tamriel have rated this location with a nice ten, but it will be up to you to confirm or overturn the result.

The powerful spells of the Psijic order

In the Summerset Islands it is possible to make the pleasant meeting of the members of the Psijic order, the most ancient and powerful magicians of the entire history of Tamriel. The most valiant among travelers will be granted access to this exclusive guild, thus obtaining the opportunity to learn mystical skills that go beyond imagination, like the power of time control (and without having to resort to any strange stone!). The threats that are moving towards the entire continent are always stronger and more looming … why not stop them with the same simplicity with which they snap their fingers?

Lots of new missions and things to do

If you thought of coming to visit the Summerset Islands and then being with your hands … well, you were wrong. AlwinarweQueen Ayrenn’s cousin, and Razum-Dar are very willing to welcome travelers with open arms and the least they can do is return the favor by solving some problems that threaten the approval of the region. Summerset is also populated by individuals (more or less recommendable …) with some work well paid in their hands to be entrusted to resourceful volunteers: pecunia non olet, so get busy!

A good starting point for newbies.

Have you still not set foot in all of Tamriel until today? The Summerset Islands are the right place to start this incredible journey! The land of the High Elves will wean the novices with a series of learning missions that will facilitate the first steps within The Elder Scrolls Online. Moreover, the adaptive level of difficulty will allow beginners and veterans alike to enjoy an equally enjoyable experience, tailor-made according to the experience and equipment available as they continue with the game.

A land rich in history

The Summerset Islands are not only a beautiful region to explore, but also one of the richest under the historical point of view of all of Tamriel. We speak of one of the most important and famous lands in the whole continent, strongly linked to the magical powers and the Ancient Order of the Psijic, but also the scene of numerous alternations between many elven civilizations, including the Aldmeri. For the most passionate of ancient stories, the underground ruins of Alinor, capital of the Summerset Islands, represent a mandatory destination, rich in finds from the previous empires that dominated the majestic region.

A rich plot of events

As traditionally The Elder Scrolls, Summerset offers plots and subplots full of events to follow and live as absolute protagonists. You will be welcomed right away by a particularly tense atmosphere, due to the unpopular decision of Queen Ayrenn to open the doors of the islands to external visitors. These recent changes have not been particularly appreciated by most of the Altmers, who have always been hostile to foreigners and to those with whom they do not share the race of origin. As if this were not enough, an obscure and powerful threat looms over all of Tamriel and who could ever foil it if not you, reader friend?

DIY rings and jewels

Whether you are a member of a company called to fight an ancient evil or heroes dressed in green that are driven by great willpower, the Summerset Islands are the right place for you. Here you will learn the art of goldsmiths, allowing you to create personalized necklaces and rings. We do not talk about simple costume jewelry, but jewelry of valuable value and great power: you will not only be the coolest travelers of all Tamriel, but also the most feared! In short, the question is simple: An iron, a tunic, an arrow in the knee or a do-it-yourself bracelet. In your opinion, what would make you happy?

A Test for the Strongest Warriors

A new test awaits the most organized and valiant groups of fighters. For companies formed by 12 adventurers, Cloudrest reserves one of the most coveted and feared challenges for Summerset travelers . Valuable rewards await the brave who will decide to try their hand at the company. Do you feel particularly strong and nothing scares you? Then the Veteran version of the Cloudrest Proof is definitely the best choice for you … we have warned you.

Coping with the hordes of the Abyssal Geysers

Among the new activities that can be played in Summerset one of the most exciting is certainly that of the Abyssal Geysers. These tests consist in facing the long waves of enemies together with a group of friends, in order to fight a terrible final boss and to obtain rich and interesting rewards, useful without any doubt to continue your journey in the Altmer region.

The new Delve missions

Not all the Summerset resorts are particularly friendly. Some of these hide powerful threats and it is up to the bravest warriors to fight them. We are talking about the Delve missions, which the historical adventurers of Tamriel know very well and will have the pleasure to find again here too. For newbies, these are areas of public access that create fearsome bosses that can be tackled several times. Who defines himself as a true explorer is obligatorily called to visit these dangerous areas.

These are just ten of the many reasons why we advise you to pack up and cross the gates of the Summerset Islands. Queen Ayrenn has already opened gates on PC, Mac OS, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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