The Latest Cool Tech Gadgets Improving Driving Safety

The Latest Cool Tech Gadgets Improving Driving Safety

Car safety is on the minds of many. 80% of drivers say they’d like vehicle safety systems (like lane keeping assist and automatic emergency braking) to work better, while 58% say they want this kind of tech in their next car. Fortunately, the latest in-car tech releases promise to make your time behind the wheel safer, smoother, and more convenient than ever before. From mirror dash cams that reduce blind spots, and tire safety monitors that alert you to tire problems in real-time, to Amazon’s Echo Auto’s ability to make hands-free calls for roadside assistance, these gadgets make driving safer, easier, and way more fun.

Jansite’s mirror dash cam

Jansite’s mirror dash cam features dual front and rear 1080p resolution cameras that stream images of your surroundings onto a 10-inch touchscreen on the dashboard in front of you. The front camera shows a wide 170° angle of the road ahead, while the rear camera provides a 140° view to prevent blind spots. Since over 800,000 blind spot crashes occur every year, this feature is just what’s needed to improve visibility and prevent road accidents. And, thanks to the Super Night Vision feature, high-definition images are captured even on night time drives, so you always have a crystal-clear view of what’s going on.  

Amazon’s Echo Auto 

Amazon’s Echo Auto is a hands-free car accessory that lets you take calls, listen to music, and send texts without sacrificing road safety. This gadget simply connects to your phone’s Alexa app and plays through your car’s speakers to bring Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant to your vehicle. The latest release also now features a handy, safety-orientated roadside assistance service that lets you easily call for help when needed. So, if you get a flat tire or run out of gas, you just need to ask Alexa to “call roadside assistance” and you’ll be connected with an agent who’ll send the right help. Even better, many luxury cars already come with Amazon Alexa already integrated, so you don’t even need to connect your phone. Take the 2022 Lexus IS, for example. This luxury sports sedan offers a superior driving experience thanks to in-built Amazon Alexa. By issuing Alexa voice commands, you can start your IS when you’re at home, or turn on your entryway lights while you’re still driving. 

Nonda’s ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor 

Nonda’s ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor can show you the pressure in all four of your tires in real-time, so you no longer have to break out the tire pressure gauge everytime it needs to be checked. Anti-theft tire pressure sensors simply attach to your tire valve stems and automatically send key data like pressure and temperature to your phone. If it spots a problem, you’ll get an instant alert. So, for instance, if your tire develops a slow air leak, you’ll be told right away so it’s not left to spiral into a bigger problem.  

Car tech is evolving to keep you safer on the road. Mirror dashcams, tire safety monitors, and Amazon’s Echo Auto are just some of the latest exciting releases that promise to transform your driving experience.

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