Today, we all use smartphones to surf the Internet at all hours of the day and night: but this very valuable opportunity also opens up to many risks. On the web, in fact, it is possible to “stumble” in some website or app made to cause you damage and to open the doors of your phone for stealing data and so on. If you want to avoid all this, breaking down every percentage of risk, you will inevitably have to use one or more of the top 10 apps for the security of your iPhone.

Signal Messenger


Signal Messenger allows you to write and call other users, protecting you with end-to-end encryption. Signal is also considered much safer than WhatsApp and most other alternatives available on the market. And it also comes with a chat feature for groups, so you can have private conversations with more people.

Opera VPN


Opera VPN can improve security by covering your position and also helping to overcome geographical restrictions on certain websites. It is a free and reliable VPN service that allows you to choose from 5 locations: United States, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore.

Onion Browser


Onion Browser is a free security browser that directs all Internet traffic through the Tor network to help you stay anonymous online. It is a technology often used by those who surf the dark web to maintain anonymity and avoid any risk or trace.



1Password for iOS allows you to store all the important information like logins, credit cards, profiles and much more: and it does so by protecting them with end-to-end encryption. For added peace of mind, it also supports two-factor authentication and blocks the application with TouchID.

Avira Vault


Avira Vault is an app that lets you protect your photos, videos and more with the TouchID or PIN. You can choose to hide all private photos, or to encrypt photos before uploading them to iCloud. The app also comes with Avira Scout: an incognito browser that always protects your privacy.

SpiderOak ONE


SpiderOak ONE provides end-to-end encryption for files stored on cloud servers. It is so secure that not even app programmers have access to stored content. In addition, it is also released with a feature called “Sharing” that allows you to protect your password and to share files or folders with anyone you want.



Prey is an anti-theft app available for iPhone, iPad and Mac. Once configured on Apple devices, it allows you to remotely control Prey using the interface from a browser. You can remotely locate your iPhone on a map using GPS and WiFi: you can also take photos using the camera and even trigger an alarm.

IP7 Firewall


IP7 Firewall intercepts all outgoing network connections and allows you to block those that seem suspicious. In addition, when an app attempts to connect to the Internet, the firewall can immediately provide host Whois data to allow or deny the request. But it does not work if you’re using a VPN connection.

Protect My Privacy


The latest app for the security of your iPhone that we will see today is Protect My Privacy. This application allows you to protect your personal information from the iPhone: whenever an app requires access to the above, the program will notify you and allow you to deny access. And the same happens with your GPS position. The developers claim they are working to add many more options in the next version: for our part, we can assure you that the app is a wonder, and is already perfect as it is.


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