Spelling correction may be useful while writing text messages, but also having disadvantages such as typing words that are different from what you wanted to write, an annoying detail that leads many people to ask themselves how to turn off automatic spelling on iPhone and iPad.

The text corrector is integrated on iOS but also on Mac OS X and allows you to quickly type words and in case of type or spelling errors, the wrong word is immediately corrected.

The problem is that not always the system adopts the most appropriate choice of words, in fact, many messages revised by the spelling checker contain errors because they are corrected with words different from the original ones.

The result is a set of text messages to the limit of the absurd, due to unsuitable attempts to correct the spelling of the Apple system.

Disabling automatic spelling correction on iPhone and iPad, in these cases can become a real need, because it is likely to stress to have to correct the corrector during the drafting of a text.

You can disable automatic spelling correction on iPhone and iPad by following the simple steps: click on Settings> General> Keyboard and then move the automatic correction setting to OFF.

In a few seconds the experience with the automatic corrector will be deactivated completely and will be activated again by performing the same steps but setting the option to ON.

Also, remember that the intuitive text function is completely separate from the settings of the spelling checker, the first one makes sure that when typing a text appear three word options to choose from.

An option that can be useful if you are looking for synonyms or if not a word is escaping us at that precise moment.


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