Android, the world’s most popular operating system, has built-in security features to prevent unauthorized use of your phone.

You can use the Pattern, PIN, Password, depending on the protection you want to obtain. But sometimes all these securities become a headache for us.

It mostly happens when we use Patterns for our phone instead of pin and password.

As there are always so many possibilities of forgetting it and we are no longer able to unlock our own devices.

Doesn’t it sound so weird? But even after knowing it we are unable to do anything.

And the only thing which comes to your mind is,”Let’s go to the service center as our pocket seems to be heavy”. Am I right?

Ok, but you’ll be glad to hear that you don’t have any need to go there. In this article, we will tell you how to come out of this headache with very simple tricks.

Bypass the Unlocking Pattern

If you do not remember the exact pattern, and you have attempted it 5 wrong times; Then it will warn you that you need to wait 30 seconds before further attempts, tap “OK” on the alert.

Two new options will appear,”Forgot Password” and Backup Pin. You can use one of these two options to access your phone.

Backup/Recovery Pin

The first time you create the pattern, the user is also asked to add a Pin code that will be used to bypass the pattern in case of forgetfulness.

If you still remember the pin code, simply tap “Backup/Recovery Pin” and enter the PIN code. As soon as you enter the correct PIN code, you will be redirected automatically to the “Lock screen” option. From here you can enter a new protection option.

Forget password

If you don’t remember the pin code, you can click “Forget Password” to unlock the pattern using your Google account.

To this end, the phone must be connected to a Google account, and will most likely be linked to a Google account since it is necessary to use most of the features of Android.

Tap “Forget Password” and on the next page enter your Google account email and password and tap “Log in”.

If both email and password are correct, then the phone will unlock and the user will be directed to the “Lock screen” option.

Bypass the Pin on Android

Use Samsung to find my mobile phone (only for Samsung devices)

If you have a Samsung phone connected to a Samsung account, then you can unlock your phone using the “Find My Mobile Phone” service.

Simply open the “Find my mobile” website and log in with your Samsung account. Once inside, click on “Unlock device” in the left menu and from the drop-down menu click on “Unlock my device”.


Factory Reset of the phone

If you have tried all the methods which we have mentioned above then its the last open. This is the simplest method, but it will delete all data and restore the phone to its factory settings.

While the phone is “locked”, you obviously cannot access the factory settings to reset the phone. But you can use the recovery mode of Android to reset your phone.

To enter restore mode, you need to press a combination of keys (it is different for each device: Power + Volume Up + Volume Down + Home is usually the most common).

You can check the list of combinations of most known devices or contact your device manufacturer to get the combination.

Once in the reset mode, you can move up and down through the options using the Volume Up and Down keys, and to select an option you need to press the “Power Key”.

In the options, you will see the “Wipe data / Factory Reset” option, access it and press the “Power” button. After that confirm the request and the phone will get restore to its factory settings (it may take 5-10 minutes).

At the end of the process, you will have to provide all your personal data again as it was done the first time you purchased your phone, and there will be no activated password protection.

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