Unrecognized USB What to do

In this article, we will explain how to solve the problem that frequently happens in the daily use of a PC. We’re talking about the hateful problem of unrecognized USB device.

It generally happens in Windows 7, Window 8 or Windows 10 with new USB periphery devices like USB sticks, mouse, pendrive, keyboards, external hard drives, controller, gamepad that we have connected to the PC.

Unrecognized USB: 5 solutions

USB not recognized: Key / Pendrive

When a Windows PC does not recognize  a  USB stick or pendrive, try this solution:

1.Click on the Windows ” Start ” menu or press ” start + r ” and enter the diskmgmt.msc command in the search field.

2.Once you have entered the command you must click “Ok” and it will open a new screen.

3.The ” Disk Management ” screen will open here all the mass storage drives connected to the computer will appear. Among these devices, there should also be your usb stick.

4.Identify it and once identified select it from context menu with the right mouse button and choose the option ” Change letter and drive path “.

When the procedure is finished, close the window and restart the computer. Once restarted try again to insert the USB stick.

If everything goes well and the problem was only related to a recognition of USB then you will be able to see the icon of the stick otherwise, try to insert it in another USB port to verify that the problem is not related to the USB port.

USB not recognized: Troubleshooting

To solve the problem of unrecognized USB, the easiest and perhaps the most immediate method is to use the Windows troubleshooting tool.

To do this simply go to the Control Panel and look for the ” Troubleshoot ” item.

Once you have entered the troubleshooting under the heading Hardware and Sound click on the item Configure a device and follow the wizard.

USB not recognized: Microsoft Easy Fix

If you want to avoid the steps described in the previous section you can try to use the Microsoft Easy Fix that does nothing but perform the above mentioned steps but in fully automatic mode.

Once you have downloaded the Fix called Mats_Run.devices.exe, you only need to start it and run the guided steps. Warning: It does not work on Windows 8.

USB not recognized: hardware problem

A very simple solution that many people do not think about is trying to use another USB port in another port of PC and check if the USB device is recognized.

In some cases it may depend on the type of USB port on the PC, in fact some devices do not work or have problems with USB 3.0 ports, or it could simply be a hardware problem on the motherboard.

USB not recognized: MK Quick Fix

Another method to try to solve the unrecognized USB problem is to use a very useful free tool. This free program allows you to fix many faults in Windows including the boring issue related to the USB device not recognized.

The program is MK Quick Fix (formerly MK Registry & USB Fixer) 2.1.1 which you can download for free through the following link.

Once installed, all you have to do is check the item you are interested in and click on FIX.


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