If you have hundreds of installed applications on your iPhone or iPad, you’ll most likely find a red badge next to the App Store icon that constantly reminds you of the number of updates available to be downloaded and installed. Find this pretty boring and would like to find a way to update all of the iPhone apps and iPad simultaneously with one touch? Or better yet, would you like to keep all the app always automatically updated? This guide will explain the correct procedures to perform these operations quickly and easily.

As you know, iOS offers hundreds of features and Apple releases constant updates to improve and introduce new features, while the developers also optimize the apps for iPhone and iPad available in the App Store introducing important innovations from the functional point of view.

In this regard, it is good to always have iOS and all the iPhone app updated, so let’s see how we can you download all the updates from the App Store simultaneously or automatically.

How to update all iPhone apps at the same time

The official and even more widespread method to update all iPhone applications simultaneously and with just one touch is as follows:

  • I advise you to connect the device to a wireless network to avoid extra threshold charges and to have a faster download speed
  • open the App Store
  • tap on the Updates tab
  • Swipe your finger (swipe) from top to bottom to update the applications listed
  • tap on Update all at the top right if a list of available updates appears

In this way, the App Store will download and install all the updates available for the apps installed on the iPhone or iPad in use; with this procedure will not be verified any updates of iOS available but only applications.

Keep all the apps up to date

If you want the iPhone or iPad to automatically download and install all the latest updates available for your applications, then you can take advantage of an iOS feature that allows you to have all the apps always updated as soon as they are released.

In fact, in recent versions of iOS have been introduced automatic updates for applications already installed in the device, to activate this feature follow these steps:

  • open iPhone Settings
  • Go to General and then Update app in the background
  • tap on Update app in the background and set up Wi-Fi (I do not recommend using the Wi-Fi setting and mobile data  to prevent apps being downloaded with your mobile subscription and therefore you are charged extra unexpected threshold costs)
  • go back and eventually disable automatic updates for one or more applications that you do not want to be automatically updated when they are in the background, simply turning off the green switch that appears on the right
  • return to Settings and touch the iTunes Store and App Store
  • activate Updates

From now on, your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad will be able to check and download the latest versions and updates released by the developers in the App Store so that you keep all the apps up-to-date without having to open the store each time and check the new releases: this is a sure way to always have the latest features released in your favorite apps, unfortunately this feature may cause a slightly faster battery drain.

You will notice that one or more applications are undergoing an update when the “Wait” appears under the icon of the application or the same results not be usable and appears on it the icon of a graph with the progress of the installation.


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