How many times did you need to read emails but did not have the possibility to use an internet connection?

Surely it will have happened often and that is why Google has decided to make this feature available through a recent update; below we will explain how to use Gmail offline and take advantage of every service made available by Big G.

Google has released native support for offline mail without the need to install extensions or other software but simply using the Chrome browser in version 61 and later.

If you are wondering how it works or think it is a complicated operation do not worry, in reality the function is easily accessible, just in a few steps.

The “activate offline mail” function synchronizes all information with Google’s servers every time you connect, so you can read the emails, archive them and do other operations while offline, each action will only take effect on the servers when you return online.

Let’s see how to use Gmail offline, but first remember to enter the Chrome browser and also perform the update of the GUI, which has been completely renewed and made available this feature.

If you have not yet activated the new Gmail interface, connect to your account and click on the icon with the three dots at the top right, you will find the item “Try the new version of Gmail”, accept the installation.

At this point, click on the Settings wheel and then on Settings, select the Offline item and then check Activate offline mail.

After activating the function, it will be possible to establish the time lapse of archived emails, choosing between 7, 30 and 90 days, selecting “Download attachments” if you wish to download them offline.

There are also two options that affect the security of data stored after disconnecting from the Google account.

The first entry is “Keep offline data on your computer”, which explains that the data saved on your device will not be deleted when you log out of your Google Account or change your password. If you want to delete your account data from your device, you need to disable offline mail and save the changes.

The second item is “Remove offline data from the computer”, in this case the data will have to be synchronized again with the PC when it will be logged in to the Gmail service. In this case, synchronization may take hours.


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