Is it possible to transform a Telegram channel into a group chat or a Telegram supergroup? How to do?

From Telegram channel to group chat or Telegram supergroup how to do?

Do you have a Telegram channel and want to turn it into a group, supergroup or group chat? Are you looking for a way to bring all the users of your Telegram channel into a group without losing them?

In this guide we will try to clarify.

Without making you waste too much time, I tell you right away that it is NOT possible to transform a Telegram channel into a Telegram group. 

So if you have a Telegram channel and are looking for a solution to change it into a group, a supergroup or a group chat, I’m sorry to break your dreams but there’s no way to do it.

In fact, a Telegram channel will always remain a channel, while a group will remain one. There is no possibility of transforming a Telegram channel into a group or supergroup. 

Is there any alternative?

The only thing you can do not to lose subscribers to your Telegram channel is to invite them to “pass” to your group. 

You can then post a message on your Telegram channel where you ask subscribers to move to the new Telegram group. Of course, do not forget to also leave the direct link to your new Telegram group:  this will make it easier for channel members to switch to the new group.

Surely not all users will abandon the channel to go to the group, but this is the only solution you have not to lose subscribers to your Telegram channel when you want to turn it into a group.

Subscribe to the Telegram group of Teknologya

After all this is the same procedure that I followed when I decided to transform the Telegram channel of Teknologya into a supergroup. 

This is everything for this guide.

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