How to watch Amazon Prime videos on your TV with Chromecast. In this article we show you how to watch Amazon Prime Video on your TV with Chromecast.

Not all apps and services are compatible with Google’s Chromecast. One of these apps is Amazon Prime Video.

While Netflix, Prime Video’s biggest rival, and has been compatible with Chromecast from the beginning, Amazon Prime Video still lives in the Middle Ages.

But there are a couple of ways to get around this lack of compatibility.

How to watch Amazon Prime Video on your TV with Chromecast

Amazon Prime Video on your TV with Chromecast via Chrome

Here’s how to watch Amazon Prime Video on your Chromecast.

If you run Google Chrome on one of your computers, you can play the video you want to watch in your browser and send it directly to your Chromecast.

Before proceeding, make sure the TV is switched on and display the correct input channel.

  1. To start the process of sending Amazon Prime Video to your Chromecast via Chrome,
  2. Open the Chrome browser,
  3. Go to the Amazon Prime Video website and enter your login credentials. You must find the video you want to watch and press Play normally.
  4. Click the More (three vertical points) menu in the upper right corner of the browser window.
  5. Select Transmit from the pop-up menu.
  6. You should now see a new window with all compatible devices on your network.
  7. Click on the name of the Chromecast you want to use. The connection should take place automatically.

The inconvenience of using the desktop version of Chrome to stream Amazon Prime Video to your Chromecast is the lack of controls. You will not be able to pause, fast forward, rewind or adjust other playback settings from the comfort of your couch. You will need to use the computer from which you are transmitting.

Cast the screen of your Android

Google and Amazon may be at war, but Amazon is not stupid enough not to offer a Prime Video app in the Play Store. And because the app is present, you can use the Cast Screen feature of Android to display it on your TV.

Using the Cast Screen function is simple. Scroll down on the device notification bar and touch the Cast icon (it is a rectangle with the wi-fi symbol on the bottom left corner). A list of all compatible devices will appear on the screen. Touch the correct one, and a few seconds later you will see the screen of your phone displayed on the TV.

From this point, open the Prime Video app and choose the TV series or movies you want to see in the usual way. Make sure to flip the phone horizontally and make the video in full screen before placing it.

The obvious advantage of this method compared to the previous approach is that you can control the video from your phone. However, there are three serious disadvantages you must consider.

The first problem is privacy. You’re broadcasting the full screen of Android instead of just the content of a specific app. Every time you receive a message, e-mail, phone call or notification, it will be displayed on the screen so that everyone can see it. Depending on where you are or who you are, it may not be desirable behavior.

The second consideration is the battery. If you launch the screen of the whole phone, the video will play on both devices at the same time. If you turn off the phone screen, the TV also turns off.

The final problem is the processing of power. Because Amazon Prime Video is not enabled for Chromecast, your Android phone is running all background processing. Depending on the internal hardware of the phone, this can easily lead to buffering, delay and poor resolution.

Should you buy an Amazon Fire TV device?

Naturally, all these alternative solutions can be made questionable if you buy an Amazon Fire TV device. Not surprisingly, Amazon Prime Video is well integrated into the hardware. You will also have access to Alexa, Prime Photos and many third-party apps.


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