Flickr has been launched since 2004 from a chat service that allowed to exchange photos and images in real time, then the following year, the creative company is bought by Yahoo, its modifications and improvements have led the platform to have almost 100 million members.

Below we will try to explain what Flickr is and how it works, seeing how to register for free and discovering the main functions offered by the portal.

What is Flickr

It is a powerful system for storing and sharing photos and images, which allows their organization with categories, tags and albums and which allows users to access large archives of images uploaded by other registered users.

This tool is a valid alternative for individuals and professionals in the photographic field those want to make known their shots, sharing them with the world.

With Flickr, you can upload and organize albums from your photo library, so you always have a backup that you can access from any device or computer; you can access and browse the collections of images available for free on the site, or buy and sell their own with a specific license that makes them available for printing, publication on the web or for the advertising field, moreover, you become part of a social network of photography and images where you can exchange opinions, comments and much more with registered users.

How to subscribe to Flickr and the main functions

Registering for the service is simple and freeyou need to connect to the site and create a new Yahoo account, once done and confirmed the registration you can immediately access the immense gallery of images on the site, to do so, we simply enter a word in the search bar and we will be shown all the photos related to the keyword.

We specify that, if you already have a Yahoo account, you can access with those login credentials, without having to forcefully create a new account, otherwise, you must follow the procedure just described in the previous paragraph.

Flickr offers several filters to perform searches based on various aspects such as the date of upload, the size of the photos, the details present, going to click on a single image we are provided with information about the origin, the parameters, the model of the camera used, etc … And you can download it in various resolutions or contact the author or leave a comment just like it happens on social networks.

Let’s take a closer look at our personal page: this is indicated by the entry YOU at the top left of the screen, to load the images just press on upload, or the Flickr Uploadr app made available by the site to automatically upload the files from PC or mobile devices.

The photos that we are going to insert appear in the Rolling section, in Photostream instead only the photos that you have decided to show and share with others appear, you can still change the privacy of each individual image.

If we want to create an album we have to select more photos and then make an album, so the uploaded photos will appear in the Album section.

Flickr, the social aspect

All other sections on Flickr are mainly about the social aspect, you can look at users’ photos, interact with them, collect the images that we like the most under the Favorites item and let the authors know that we appreciate them.

In the Groups section you can create or join thematic collections created by other community users who participate with their photo.

Overall, however, Flickr is a fairly intuitive platform, the graphical interface is nice, since the first access is easy to interact with the various features, in addition, are shown the images on the portal immediately so that the user can start interact immediately with the authors.


Flickr is a community dedicated to photography, the ideal portal for amateurs of the genre and for professionals, enrolling is easy and immediate, in a few seconds you can access your personal page and start uploading photos or viewing those of others.

Interesting to leave comments and likes to the photos of the authors, going to emphasize how Flickr has a good social footprint, allowing users to share content and exchange opinions and appreciations on photographic shots.

Flickr provides a free account and a Pro, the latter is mainly dedicated to those who use the site for professional or commercial purposes.

The storage space made available to all users is one terabyte, absolutely sufficient for both private use and professional use, also, remember that you can choose whether to make your photos free or set them with copyright protection, or indicate which uses are permitted and which are prohibited by Creative Commons license.


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