Keeping Android devices safe is a priority of Google, for this reason in 2017 decided to introduce a tool designed for device security that integrates seamlessly with the operating system, in this article we will find out what Google Play Protect is and why is it important to have it installed.

Google Play Protect performs a silent and unattended control over every app inside the Play Store and in the Android device, for possible threats.

The device is scanned independently 24 hours on 24, so as to ensure security during its use, we could call it a sort of “antivirus” always active and ready to shoot in case of malicious app.

This service analyzes more than 50 billion apps every day and blocks those that are deemed dangerous or threatening for the system; Google Play Protect is always working to protect your data, apps and device.

The latest in security on mobile devices are offered, each app is submitted to various security tests before being included in the Google Play Store.

The profiles of the developers of each app loaded on the Store are checked and all those who do not respect the rules or who violate the terms of security are suspended, for this reason all the apps inside the Play Store are safe, approved and certified.
What is Google Play Protect and how to activate it

How to activate Google Play Protect

If you want to find out how to activate Google Play Protect, you should know that you do not need to install anything, as it is in Google Settings> Security> Verification> Apps.

So the service is active by default and it is advised not to disable it, which can still be done at any time with one of the toggles at the bottom of the page.

In order to preserve the security of the device it is better to keep them both active on the smartphone, in order to send information about unknown apps to Google and allow it to detect the harmful ones.

Going to the Play Store you will see a warning informing you of the activity of Play Protect that is always active.

Deepening on the protection status, we point out that we have two: the first level is on the applications installed by the Play Store; the second level concerns those installed on the device, moreover, you can find your smartphone wherever you are, even if it has been stolen or lost.

This feature is very useful as it will be possible to make it ring or block until all its contents are deleted in case the smartphone is no longer found.

Google Play Protect automatically installs and uninstalls or deactivates the infected app and provides clear information on how to protect yourself from viruses; the service allows you to perform a manual scan of the app, including those in the background, releasing easy to read reports.

For several years, Android users have been clamoring for an official antivirus to protect their devices from threats, with this solution, Google has provided a complete tool that goes beyond expectations, providing a complete level of protection at 360° and allowing user also to find their smartphone in case of theft or loss.


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