In this period where we have so many social networks, there are some interesting services that offer more features that are not known or how it happens for Facebook, Twitter and the like, in this case we are talking about Quoraa hybrid between a social network and a platform of Q & A, designed with the aim of promulgating knowledge among users, below, in this guide we will explain what Quora is and how it works.

Quora was born in 2010 thanks to the collaboration of two former Facebook employees, is a platform of “Question and Answer”, with a very strong social footprint, very similar to Yahoo! Answer.

The reasons that led to the creation of this platform are linked to the promulgation of knowledge among users, which relies on those with more experience who are able to give the right answers to the most disparate questions.

Shortly after the launch of Quora, subscribers did not reach the million subscribers, today they boast millions of subscribers, including famous personalities on the web and experts of the various sectors, ready to answer questions from the curious or those who need information.

After this brief overview, let’s see what Quora is and how it works, explaining the various steps for registration and everything that can be done within the platform.

How to register for Quora

To use the services offered by Quora you have to register on the platform, you can do it in four different ways: the first is to create your account using an email address, the second is to use the login credentials to Facebook, the third one is to use Twitter data access and the fourth one, Google data.

Whatever method you choose to register, you will always be asked the real name of the user and not a nickname, all the registration methods are quick and immediate and very easy to perform.

Once enrolled, Quora asks to indicate their interests and their skills, selecting them gradually from some panels, in this way when you will provide an answer to some questions, users will immediately understand the level of knowledge and competence of those who answers, moreover, the questions concerning certain topics will be shown on the bulletin board.

The community supervises what is published on the platform, from the correctness of the questions to that of the answers given, moreover, the members can express a judgment on the answers given, vote positively or negatively, the more votes you receive and the more the answer is placed at the top with respect to the answers.

How Quora works

As soon as you enter your Quora account shows a sort of bulletin board, you immediately notice how the graphical interface is simple and clean, in the bar at the top we find the entries Read, Reply, Notifications, the first allows you to read the questions placed by users on the platform that are shown in the center of the page, the second shows the questions of certain topics to be answered, while the third shows the notifications received.

On the same bar we find the search field and the button “Ask a question”, which allows us to open the screen to ask our question, with the possibility to ask anonymously.

On the left of the screen there are the entries concerning the Feed, with the suggested ones, the new questions entered by the users and the favorite answers, all of which can be easily consulted.

On the right we have the settings related to your account and the box to invite people to sign up for Quora.

Below the questions there are the sharing buttons on the other social networks and the possibility to access various actions related to the possibility of reporting the question, modifying it, participating in the answers, a sort of rapid function.

Quora is a very easy to use platform, also suitable for less experienced users, which does not have functionality superfluous, but immediately comes to the making available only the tools that serve the main purpose of the portal.


There is no doubt that Quora is a very interesting platform, especially thanks to the social footprint that its creators have decided to give it.

The contents on the portal are of quality, there are very precise and timely reviews compared to other sites, so it can be very useful in case you need information as truthful as possible.

The graphical user interface is very clear, simple and effective. From the first access you immediately understand the general operation of the platform and you can start asking questions and giving answers directly from the initial screen of your wall.

The integration with Facebook, Twitter and Google to create the account and share the content is useful and facilitates the registration and promulgation of content, creating a platform connected to the world at 360°.


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