The WhatsApp Business service was announced by Mark Zuckerberg as an enhanced version and aimed at the business world.

If you wish to join this service and create a commercial account, you will have a total of 3 methods or types of identification. In this way, your security and identity will be assured.

Getting Started with WhatsApp Business

 WhatsApp Business- screenshot

First of all, you can download the Application from here and install WhatsApp Business on your mobile device.

After installing the application users will have to register. For this, you will need your contact number. Later, you can create your business profile, or better, your Business Account. There you can put all relevant information about your company, from the website to the address, hours of operation, etc.

 WhatsApp Business- screenshot

As a user of a business account, you will be able to import all chats, all conversations from your old WhatsApp account. In short, you can make a complete migration of the contents of your conventional account to the new WhatsApp Business account.

You can find this content import option during the registration process if you are converting a normal account into a trading account. Something that will undoubtedly save enough time for new users of this service aimed at the business sector.

It should also be noted that the company has been rather vehement when WhatsApp Business users are required to delete the conventional WhatsApp application from their mobile devices. This is in case they have registered with the same phone number in the new WhatsApp Business. Failure to do so will cause a reversal of your old account and the opening of the contents in the old App.

WhatsApp Business features

Auto Reply:

Awesome new feature of WhatsApp Business is automatic responses. Here, as the name suggests, you can define an automatic response form. If your customers contact you and you are not available, this message will be presented previously defined.

The message here will be sent to the customer when they are chatting through a private chat. This feature, however, can be disabled. Within groups, the message will be displayed when the consumer/customer mentions (@) the person in question. You can also set messages for when you are away, as well as set a time for the presentation of these messages.

WhatsApp Business users can set these messages in Settings by clicking on the three-point option. You’ll find this option in the upper right corner of the application settings itself. There you will find all the necessary settings.

Data and metrics for business owners:

Since WhatsApp Business is a business-oriented service, owners of a business account will have access to unique data. Data and metrics such as the number of messages sent, messages delivered, messages read, and messages received. All of these metrics can also be found within the definitions.

Can we use normal WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business together?

If you want to use both your personal account in WhatsApp normal and WhatsApp Business on the same smartphone, you can also do so. This is … if you have a Dual-SIM or dual-chip device. Remember, each account must be registered with a different number. This is the only way to avoid conflicts between both versions of this App.

Communication between consumers and businesses is of the utmost importance. From the provision of after-sales service to the simple clarification of doubts. The potential of this WhatsApp Business is undoubtedly undeniable.

Have you planned to take advantage of this new application? Do you believe that it can be a good way to bring customers closer to the companies? Leave us your feedback, your opinion below, in the comments.

(image source: Google playstore)



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