WhatsApp has released so many new features, some of them are temporary, others decidedly revolutionary. What will the 2018 reserve for users of the famous green platform? Here, in this article, there are some rumours of the last few hours.

According to the rumors received, it seems that starting tomorrow, January 1, 2018, every day could prove to be the good one for the release of several new features. Among these, some of them will improve the use of WhatsApp: we refer to the appearance of the video notes, already present on Telegram, with which the user can record not only audio and video messages, to be left to users who, perhaps, may not have been able to reach via VoIP.

In the case, when we change our mobile number, we will no longer have to manually send many individual alerts to our contacts. Now WhatsApp will offer us this service, in the form of notifications that will appear to the contacts who have us in their address book.

Text formatting will also be part of the game. It’s true that this option was already implemented some time ago, after numerous tests, and even simplified but, to date, it’s little used as not very practical. WhatsApp, therefore, is thinking of supporting it through the launch of a practical and intuitive contextual menu, to be displayed with selected text.

Finally, the color of the chats: according to TecnoAndroid, soon it will be possible to replace the standard green of the current conversations by setting, according to their tastes, colored backgrounds.

Finally, we remind you that – according to what has been officially announced by WhatsApp in recent days – the time for extensions is over and, starting from midnight today, some older smartphones with old operating systems will no longer be supported by the famous instant messaging platform.

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