Has it happened to you, when someone sees a WhatsApp message and you wait for hours and hours waiting for you to respond?

Well, that’s over. Now if you read it, you must respond at that moment, otherwise, the message sent will disappear for life with the new function to send text that self-destructs.

We know that WhatsApp does not allow users to send messages in the way as we have mentioned above, but there are other alternatives that could help you send as many secret messages as possible.

One of them is to download the third party application called Kaboom. It aims to leave your messages written or to choose images so that later you send what you want to your contacts through WhatsApp or other apps.

When you have finished creating your message, the application will give you the option to send your image or secret text through Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp or SMS.

In this case, we decided to select WhatsApp. When you have chosen the application of your preference, Kaboom will automatically redirect you to choose your receiving contact.

When you choose your contact, the person in question will get a legend that says the following: “Hey, I sent you a funny message. Open the link to discover it.” Of course, this message will have a link attached that you must open to read or visualize what you have sent.

If your contact opens the message after the set time you marked from Kaboom, you can not read it.

If it took a long time to open the link and the established time has already passed, it is most likely that you will find an orange clock announcing that the message has already expired.

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