YouTube Music vs. Spotify

Now that we can also rely on Google service to listen to songs and music in streaming, choosing between YouTube Music and Spotify becomes even more difficult.

If you are undecided whether to subscribe to YouTube Music or Spotify, in this article we will try to clarify your ideas, comparing the two streaming music services and trying to figure out what is best. 

In fact, I understand that choosing between YouTube Music and Spotify is not easy: on the one hand, the entire database of songs by Google, on the other a well-established and reliable streaming service, with a catalog that is still excellent.

But, as we will see below, YouTube Music and Spotify have strengths and weaknesses that will surely make you incline for one or the other service. We try to analyze them together to understand which one is right for you. 

Plans, prices and limits

Let’s start by saying that both services have a free version and a paid version. 

Both, in the free one, do NOT allow the downloading of songs for offline listening without internet. In addition, both have advertising between one song and another in the free version. Spotify, however, allows you to turn off the smartphone screen and listen to songs in the background even without a paid subscription, while YouTube Music does not allow it. This means that YouTube Music consumes more battery and, as it is streaming video instead of songs, it also consumes more internet traffic. 

In the free version, therefore, wins Spotify, but allows you to skip from one song to another only a few times, then blocks the “skip”, which instead YouTube Music does not.

Turning to the prices of the versions with a subscription, they are the same: $ 10 per month for a single user, $15 per month for a family plan.

Note that YouTube Music also offers a more powerful version, called YouTube Premium, which for 12 euros a month (or 17 for the family) allows you to remove advertising from YouTube, to download music from YouTube and especially to watch YouTube videos in the background with screen off.

Spotify has 30 million songs in the catalog. YouTube Music still not.

But YouTube Music offers many songs not on Spotify and anyway all the best known songs are also on YouTube Music.
On YouTube Music, compared to Spotify, you can find live songs, concerts, remixes, events and much more that is not on Spotofy.

In short: Spotify has more official songs, but YouTube Music has a lot more to listen to.

But there is to say that the library of songs is currently managed better by Spotify, but it is only a matter of time before YouTube Music is organized for the best.

Platforms and mixtape – battle of algorithms

Spotify today offers a very powerful algorithm, precise and able to recommend the most suitable songs at every moment of the day, mood and so on. And let’s not forget all the smart features like Discover Weekly and so on. In general, this streaming service is really good to discover new songs potentially interesting, without running into songs that we certainly will not like.

To date, YouTube Music is much more limited from this point of view and has far fewer features. Surely it will improve in the future, but for now Spotify wins with regard to algorithm, intelligent functions and proposal of new songs or suitable for different occasions.

But there is to say that the Mixtape function of YouTube Music works well: once started, offers songs in line with our tastes and improves over time. The more we use this function, the more it becomes precise. In the tests I did, the Mixtape of YouTube Music proposed me songs much more in line with my tastes than the daily Spotify, a program that I use for years and that still does not know me perfectly.

Basically the algorithm of YouTube Music works much better than that of Spotify, but it must be a little broken up and you have to add some new function.

Very interesting then the Offline Mixtape function, exclusive to YouTube Music: the algorithm based on our Mixtape generates a playlist of songs that are updated and redeemed daily. We can choose up to 100 songs to be included in playlists and the program will daily re-download and re-update them for us. It’s like a Spotify Daily Mix, only smarter and “downloadable” quickly. This function is very useful!

Stability and sound quality

From this point of view wins Spotify, which has a better, more complete and better organized interface.

But I’m sure that YouTube Music in the coming months will improve a lot from this point of view.

Also the quality of the songs is better on Spotify, where we get up to 320 kbps. On YouTube Music we get 128 kbps instead: not bad, but the competitor does better.

YouTube Music is still its early stages and is lacking a great many features. There are serious UI bugs, especially when using the offline app, casting, and trying to manage or browse your own library, as the category in Your Library is sorted by date added rather than name.

Spotify also supports Android Auto, while YouTube Music still does not.

For now, Spotify is better …

In short, at the moment I suggest you keep your subscription to Spotify and maybe try YouTube Music thanks to a free trial month.

For now the Spotify music streaming service is simpler to use, complete, with better audio quality and many customized functions to find the perfect piece for every occasion or need.

… but soon YouTube Music will be the king

But I am convinced that within a few months YouTube Music will become so powerful as to overcome Spotify from every point of view.

Already now the YouTube Music algorithm is spectacular. When the currently missing features will arrive, it will be time to leave Spotify to switch to YouTube Music.

So much already today we are using all YouTube for music. Google must only give us the right reason to pay for the service. And in the next few months he will succeed. 

What do you think about it?

Have you already tried YouTube Music? What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments at the end of the article if you prefer YouTube Music or Spotify. 

Download YouTube Music

We close the article with links to download YouTube Music from their respective stores for Android and iOS:

This article is really all for this article.


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