The stories on YouTube are already reality now: here’s how to see them. YouTube follows Instagram: welcome stories. YouTube: Instagram style stories have released officially. How to see them

YouTube Stories: here’s how to see them and use them to the fullest

The much awaited moment has arrived: the Stories also arrived on YouTube. 

Yes, just those we used to see on Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp.

From now on YouTube has been standardized to the rest of the main social networks with the integration of the Stories, ie with the ability to publish photos and short videos for a limited time on their page.

These, with a functioning very similar to those present on Instagram and Snapchat, give the opportunity to users to share parts of their days for 24 hours with their followers. Nothing new on the horizon, only now this feature also arrives on YouTube.

Let’s see how to exploit, use and especially see the stories on YouTube.

How Stories work on YouTube

Let’s start by saying that, at least for the moment, there are very few users who have the opportunity to share Stories on the personal YouTube channel.

On the contrary, however, everyone can already see and display the stories that are shared on YouTube by the few users who can create them.

In practice for the moment very few “lucky” users can post and share Stories on YouTube, while all YouTube subscribers can view them.

If you want to see a story posted on YouTube, you can go to your account and look for the new Stories tab.

That said, if you also want to immediately see the few stories shared on YouTube by the users you follow, here are the simple steps you need to do.

The Stories on YouTube are shown at the top of the “Subscriptions” tab and are distinguishable thanks to the red ring that surrounds the YouTuber avatar (as is blue on Facebook and multicolored on Instagram).

In practice, it will be enough for you:

  • open YouTube for Android and iOS
  • go to the “Subscriptions” tab
  • check at the top of the screen: there will be many circles representing the users you follow on YouTube. If any user that you follow has loaded Stories, the icon of his profile will be marked by the presence of a red circle around. If you see a red circle means that user has published a story on YouTube that you can see by clicking on it.

As on other social networks, even on YouTube the stories, once seen, will be available again, but only for a short time, through the dedicated section implemented within the channels.

How to get Stories on YouTube

At the moment YouTube has enabled the ability to publish and share Stories only to a few users.

We have to wait and hope that the YouTube stories will be made available to everyone, even if I personally did not miss them at all.

There is no way to activate or use the Stories on YouTube immediately: you just have to wait for the function to reach all users.

What features do we have with YouTube Stories?

For now, the new YouTube feature has few features.

For example, you can not hold down on the screen to stop the story, write comments or send any response.

Another difference compared to the stories of Instagram is the presence of the Subscribe button and the inability to comment or reply to the story.

There are also some bugs that generate slowdowns or crash the entire YouTube app.

These problems will surely be resolved with future upgrades of the app, but for the moment they are present.


For this news it’s all.

Let’s wait at this point that this feature is made available to more people to understand what will be the path taken by the company.

Do you already have the possibility to publish Stories on YouTube? Are you happy for this “new” implementation?

Honestly, as I said, I did not miss this feature on YouTube, but I understand that YouTube wants to steal users from Instagram. Moreover, Instagram has tried to steal users from YouTube with the IGTV service, but has failed. YouTube meanwhile responds by implementing the Stories, but probably fail now that users are too accustomed to using those of Instagram.

In short, we leave it to everyone: Instagram photos and Stories, YouTube quality videos.

I think, however, that this is a clever strategy by the Mountain View giant because in this way gives way to YouTuber to limit the use of Instagram and at the same time allows them to move only within its video platform. After the introduction of the community, this is another step that will bring YouTube more and more to the transformation into a social network in all respects.

What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments at the end of the article!


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