How to remove virus from your smartphone memory card

Have you installed a new app on your phone which seems to be so interesting but after installation, our phone starts to show some errors and cause in lagging of the phone?

Why is this happening?

That could happen because of your phone is not supporting that app or it is a malware or any kind of virus. But when try to uninstall it, it starts shows few messages as the app is still in use or other messages.

In that case, you think that restoring your phone is the only option which you have. 99% of people do the same process. But it is really time-consuming process and there is a high risk of losing your data.

How to remove the virus from your phone now?

If you are facing the same problem and you are thinking to restore your phone then this article will change your thinking. So in this article, we are going to tell you how to remove the virus and fix errors on any android device using safe mode.

What is Safe Mode in android:

Safe Mode in Android is much similar to the safe mode in Windows operating systems(OS). As safe mode in Windows operating system loads all the default settings, the safe mode in android also loads all the default settings and applications.

When you start your phone in safe mode, you can’t access the third party apps which you have downloaded from Google Play Store, from any other website or any other app store.

But you don’t have any need to get worried as when you’ll restart your device with normal mode, your all third-party apps will start to work again.

How to enter into safe mode:

There are two methods for boot your phone in safe mode.

1. Switch off your phone and press combination keys and go to safe mode with use of volume buttons and press lock button after reaching to safe mode. That will start your phone in Safe Mode.

2. The second method is so simple and I’ll refer you to use this method, it is so simple. First, press your power button until your power options come.

Then long press on power off option, a message for Reboot in Safe Mode will appear on your display.

Now tap on the Ok button and your device will Reboot in Safe Mode.

Wasn’t the second method Simple??

Now, it’s time for action.

How to use Safe Mode:

If your device is working properly without any problem then you are doing a right thing.

Now Go to settings > apps

And search for the app which was showing problem or you have doubt that it may contain any kind of Vulnerability. If you got such app then uninstall it.

Now reboot your phone and your error will get fixed.

How to find an app with vulnerability:

The vulnerable apps get mostly downloaded from the third party app stores such as 9 apps. There is no trick to find such apps directly. But you just need to think about the apps after installing your device started to show the problem.

Precautions for prevention from Such Vulnerable apps:

I recommend you to download the apps only from Google Play Store. And do not allow third-party apps to get install. You can also stop the installation of such apps through Device Administration settings. You can open these settings by following few steps:-

Go to Settings > Security and scroll down

There you will find Device Administration settings

xDisable the Unknown sources.

Now your Android device is Fully protected from Vulnerable apps.

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