5 Best Tracking Apps for Couples

Best Tracking Apps for Couples

It is natural for you to be worried about your beloved if you are far away. Whether the cause of that worry is a concern for their safety or suspicion of cheating, being able to tell where your partner is sure to put your mind at ease. Want to know how you can do it? Keep reading.

Why Should We Use a Tracking App?

You might think tracking apps are pointless for the lovebirds that have absolute trust in their partner’s loyalty, but then you’d be ignoring the real benefit of tracking apps. Tracking apps help monitor the locations of your loved ones at all times. Knowing where your sweetheart is at any time will put your mind at ease, especially if you’re in a long-distance relationship or out of town.  

For those with partners that have been acting suspicious lately, a tracking app lets you monitor their location, messages, and more. Tracking apps will help you catch the disloyal ones with evidence. This will help you in the court in case you want a divorce and save you the grief of staying in a relationship with someone who does not want to commit to you.   

Features of the Best Tracking Apps for Couples 

Every tracking app comes with different features that let you locate and monitor other devices. Even the most basic tracking app comes with geolocation tracking. Advanced tracking apps include features that allow you to spy on your partner’s SMS and social media accounts, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and even Tinder. Here are some of the features you can expect from tracking apps:

  • Real-time geolocation tracking
  • SMS reader
  • Social media hacking (Facebook, WhatsApp, Tinder, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.)
  • Keylogger (records whatever they type)
  • Screenshots (includes deleted messages)
  • Call logs and contacts list reader
  • Browser history
  • App blocking
  • Social media account hijacker

Best Tracking Apps for Couples

The best couple-tracking app for you depends on your requirements, budget, and the number of devices that you intend to use the tracking for.

Some apps will let you monitor nearly every aspect of your significant other’s device, while others are only useful for real-time location tracking. To help you find the best tracking app for you, here are some recommendations.  

uMobix – Best Tracking App for Couples

uMobix is one of the best tracking apps for couples ever made. It is compatible with both Android and iOS systems and can be installed secretly on another device within minutes. uMobix has an easy-to-use dashboard interface with all the information you want. You can check the real-time location of your target device at any time.

uMobix also lets you remotely access social media accounts of your lover’s device. What’s more, you can check their photos and screenshots of their messages, including deleted ones, make changes to their accounts, block apps on their device, and much more.

The only downside to using uMobix is that it is a paid service that costs between $49.99/month to $139.92/year and only lets you link 1 device per subscription.

FoneMonitor – Best Social Media Tracker

FoneMonitor is similar to uMobix in most of its features, but it comes with better pricing options. The basic pricing plan costs between $39.99/month to $99.99/year for 1 device. It’s a great app for SMS tracking as well as having plenty of other features. The basic plan lets you monitor:

  • Contacts
  • Text messages (SMS)
  • Call logs
  • Video previews
  • Photos
  • Geolocation
  • Browser history
  • Bookmarks

If you want to monitor your darling’s social media apps as well, you can get the premium subscription for a price similar to uMobix, with plans ranging from $49.99/month to $119.92/year for 1 device.

You can also buy the family package for $69.99/month to $199.99/year for all the premium features for 3 devices. FoneMonitor is also a great app to use if you want to keep an eye on your children.

GEOfinder – Best GPS Tracking App

GEOfinder is different from other tracking apps in that it only tracks the geolocation of the targeted device, making it the most accurate Android GPS tracking app for couples. If you only want to know the location of your beloved, GEOfinder is the best service for you. GEOfinder is arguably the cheapest service for location tracking, with a price tag of $31.99 per month.

GEOfinder works worldwide on all devices and has extremely precise location tracking. GEOfinder is different from other tracking apps in that it allows tracking the target person without them knowing. To track them, they have to follow a tracking link sent to them in an SMS, and you’re set.

GEOfinder is the best app for trusting couples that just want to know each other’s location out of safety concerns.

FamiSafe – Best App for Both iPhone and Android

FamiSafe is a simpler and cheaper GPS tracking app for couples, different from more sophisticated tracking apps like uMobix or FoneMonitor. FamiSafe is essentially a family monitoring app with various features:

  • Control screen time
  • Explicit content censorship
  • App blocking
  • Find location monitoring
  • Device app activity report
  • Geofencing (alerts you when the device leaves an area)

FamiSafe is a great cell phone tracker app that works with both iPhone and Android. It lets you secretly monitor the basics of your partner’s phone at an affordable cost of $10.99/month to $60.99/year for 5-10 devices with all the features.

This is the best option for people looking to get more than just geolocation tracking at an affordable price. The best part is that it can be set up and used without alerting the person being tracked.

Couple Tracker – Best App for Tracking Calls and Messages

Couple Tracker is the ultimate tracking app for couples. It uses a different approach to tracking than every other app on the list. Couple Tracker requires both you and your soulmate to install the app, and it can’t be hidden. The app also prevents both from hiding any texts, calls, or locations by deleting them. Both of you will be monitoring each other at all times.

Couple Tracker monitors the following:

  • Text messages
  • Call logs with contact names
  • Locations

The best part about Couple Tracker is that it is free for downloading and use, making it stand out among the best free tracking apps for couples. The premium version costs $9.99/month to $35.88/year with more costs for extra bundles.

The difference between the free and premium versions is not significant enough for it to be necessary. All these things combined make Couple Tracker the best tracking app for couples as well as a great test of trust.


There are many phone tracking apps, and depending on what you need them for, you can choose between more secretive and expensive options and cheap simplistic options.

Keep in mind that spying on someone without informing them or obtaining consent is a crime and can land you in trouble. Ultimately, the right app for you comes down to how much you trust your partner and how much surveillance you need.

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