Do you need a VPN to play online casino games in India?

With the recent boom in the online gaming market in the country, more and more people are signing up for international casinos that are open to Indian players. Even though gambling remains a polarizing subject in the country’s cultural discourse, the growth statistics for the industry are telling a different story.

The best rated online casinos in India offer a number of convenient payment options such as net banking and UPI and have created localized pages that specifically cater to the Indian audience, and with generous casino bonuses that can give players up to ₹1,00,000 in bonuses.

However, given the lack of proper sources on the matter, you might be wondering if you are required to use a VPN to access online casino sites in India. In this post, we answer that question clearly while taking into account the legal aspect of the issue.

Online casinos in India – are they legal?

The short answer is – yes, online casinos that carry valid international licenses are allowed to operate in unregulated markets like India. 

Since these sites are registered and have to comply with various requirements, they are permitted to offer their services worldwide as long as they do not overstep any local jurisdiction.

In India, the legality of gambling is a state subject and thus varies from state to state. For example, some states like Goa go to the extent of permitting land-based casinos to exist while some states like Telangana have placed a complete ban on all forms of gambling, including online gambling.

In most states, online gambling is not covered by any law which makes it a gray legal area. Since there are no laws that explicitly prohibit these sites from operating in India, they can run in the country legally and without breaking any rules.

Do I need a VPN to play online casino games in India?

Another industry that’s on the rise in the country is the VPN industry. Due to an increasing number of restrictions placed on the internet, and the lack of quality shows on streaming services, VPN use has grown exponentially.

While a VPN service can help in many ways, it is not required to access the online casinos in India. In fact, if you use a VPN you might not be able to access the dedicated Indian localized version of the site since your VPN IP can be from another country.

So, it is not only possible to access online casino sites in India without a VPN service but in fact, it is recommended to do so!

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