How to Play Need For Speed ​​Heat [Beginner’s Guide]

The latest generations of games in the Need For Speed ​​franchise have brought a lot of racing simulation. Fans were lacking in frantic “emotions” on the streets as in NFS Underground and Most Wanted. The new version of the racing classic marks the return to the series’ origins. In our guide on how to play Need For Speed ​​Heat we will show you all the details of this challenge on the streets.


Operational systemWindows 10Windows 10
ProcessorAMD FX-6350 or Intel Core i5-3570AMD Ryzen 3 1300X or Core i7-4790
VideoRadeon 7970 / Radeon R9 280x or GeForce GTX 760Radeon RX 480 or GeForce GTX 1060

How to play Need For Speed ​​Heat


It’s not a rich story, but it has enough details to keep you interested in the game’s progress. The player is an outsider who arrives in Palm City, befriends a former street racer and his young sister, who just disbanded his racing team.

The young driver invites you to enter the racing scene, both for the legalized and the nightly “cracks”.

Online mode

In online mode it is the same situation as in the offline campaign, the player will participate and release new races, gaining fame and improving his car. The advantage of online mode is that when winning races with the participation of other players, there is a bonus in the prize pool.

Despite being the most fun mode, it is not suitable for players at the beginning of the game, since participation is free, your opponents may have much better cars than yours. 

Avatar customization

Right after the scene at the beginning of the campaign, a screen will come up to customize your avatar, who you are inside the game. There are avatars of both sexes and different ethnicities. And it doesn’t stop there, at the beginning the player has few clothes and accessories, as he is saving money it is possible to buy items for his look, making his style.

The police again became a big problem

The racing universe is divided into “day”, with legalized races and high cash prizes and “night” where everything is illegal. The night goes by points of fame. In the night races, the police usually appear to hinder the “race”. The police in Need For Speed ​​Heat have powerful cars and good agents, don’t think it will be easy to get away from them.

4 types of preparation for cars

There are basically 4 types of racing in this version of the game: 

  • Track (more organized, with well-designed curves);
  • Road (crossing distances at high speed and with less curves);
  • Drift (The famous skid run, where points are earned for skill);
  • Off-Road (Racing on uneven terrain).

Each type of race requires a car with specific preparations, otherwise it will be in the last places. The ideal is to have a vehicle model for each specialty, at the beginning of the game, just invest in cars for the track and roads.

Number of cars

The number and variety of cars in Need For Speed ​​Heat are noteworthy. 128 models of the most varied cars are available for unlocking, from the Americans with their power, the Japanese with efficiency and the exotic Europeans. 

An important detail, before purchasing a car, check its “level of customization”, the higher it is, the more parts can be exchanged and stylized.

Customization galleries

This is where creativity happens. Players from all over the world make their own and stylized paintings, share photos and get “likes”. If the player does not have much patience to paint his car, other players make his paintings available for download. Just choose the one you like best and use it.

Build your own team

In online mode you can be invited to join a team or create your own team with friends. There is an exclusive challenge for teams, tracks in which one team member does his best time, while the rest of the team tries to overcome. 

Complete daily challenges

The fastest way to grow within the game is to complete the daily challenges. There is a list for “day” challenges and another for “night”. Bonuses for completing the lists are very interesting, you will quickly reach high levels of fame, releasing cars and parts.

Some cars are only released with specific challenges such as:

  • Porsche Cayman GT4 (After collecting all the flamingos);
  • McLaren 600 LT (3 stars on all speed cameras);
  • Polestar Hero Edition 2020 (Complete everything in the game).

For fans who were longing for the simplest and most fun game style, like NFS Underground and Most Wanted, the Heat version is a full plate. With all the adrenaline that a game in the series must have.

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