The concept of lucky losers

Normally tennis players are eliminated from tournaments as soon as they suffer a defeat. Similar things happen with some football competitions, and can be visited at any moment in order to wager on lots of championships.

In general, a lucky loser refers to the situation where, in a knockout competition, a player qualifies for the next round despite losing a match. Normally this happens if the opponent that defeated said lucky player is unable to participate in the next match. This can happen due to injuries, illnesses or other reasons. The 1xBet website can also be used if you want to wager on lucky losers.

Occurrences in tennis

Since most tennis tournaments are organized in a purely knockout format, lucky losers are not a rare occurrence. However, there are a few cases when a lucky loser is lucky enough to even win a championship after being in this condition. The website can be visited whenever you want to wager on the best tennis tournaments from all over the world.

Since ATP tournaments have been organized, there have been nine cases of winners who were lucky losers. Some names have been:

  • Heinz Gunthardt;
  • Bill Scanlon;
  • Francisco Clavet;
  • Leonardo Mayer;
  • and Marco Cecchinato.

Visit now 1xBet if you think that a lucky loser is likely to win a tennis tournament. If we consider the cases where lucky losers have reached finals, the number of cases increases substantially. Some names who achieve that were Pablo Cuevas, Andreas Haider-Maurer and Coco Vandeweghe.

Using rankings to determine lucky losers

Some tournaments use a slightly different system in order to determine which lucky loser enters its main draw. Great live scores for tennis matches can be found on 1xBet, where you will also be able to see if a lucky loser advances further into a tournament.

For example, some championships have a qualifying stage before the main round. If there are winners who are unable to participate in the main round, all losers are sorted by their ranking. The top ones will fill the necessary spots that the injured or ill players weren’t able to take.

Although quite rare, in some tournaments it has even happened that there are more sports to fill than available lucky losers. In those cases, players who lost in previous qualifying rounds might be added to the championship. You can find live scores for matches in tennis and other sports at 1xBet, which can be used for making wagers with great winning opportunities.

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